Paid search has evolved a lot. And it keeps evolving on a day-by-day basis. Google keeps changing its website ranking algorithms, now and then. This makes it even more complicated for small businesses to keep up with the dynamic industry of digital marketing and especially, Pay-Per-Click advertising. 

To focus on your core business and at the same time, if you want to grow your business, you should consider hiring a PPC agency to generate quality leads for you. Below listed are some of the many questions that you should ask your PPC Agency. 

Questions to Ask

How Impactful Are PPC Campaigns?

You need to understand whether is Google Ads the right medium to generate quality leads for your business or not. To do that, ask the PPC agency about the impact PPC ads have had on their clients.

A PPC Agency should be able to provide you with an estimated cost and an estimated return on investment based on the cost of spending on the ads. This will give you a basic idea of how impactful and effective PPC campaigns can be for your business.

Have you had a client from a similar industry that our business is in and how you managed their PPC campaigns?

Having previous experience in delivering successful campaigns for other clients adds credibility to the Dubai digital marketing agency you will be partnering up with. Their past performance and years of experience make it easy for you to decide whether the PPC Agency is the right fit for you or not.

You can request the PPC Agency to provide a portfolio or case studies of the clients that are in a similar industry as you are. You can check the performance track record they have achieved with the PPC Agency. This will give you a fair share of ideas about their expertise and knowledge about the industry you are in.

How are you going to optimize campaigns for my business?

You should ask the PPC Services about the process of how they set up PPC campaigns for your business. This will help you to get an idea of how structured they are in delivering their promises. It will also let you know what and how many activities related to PPC campaigns will be designed by the agency. 

Let’s say your business already has a Google Ad account. But the previous campaigns were unsuccessful. So you will need to understand how the PPC Agency audits your previous campaigns, what insights they provide from previous campaigns and how will they tackle them if you hire them.

What is your strategy when it comes to remarketing campaigns?

The objective for a remarketing campaign will lead to a plan and strategy creation for remarketing your offerings to customers. Say you ran a campaign once and it didn’t provide the leads that you desired or did not have quality conversions. This will allow the PPC Agency to rethink how to approach the remarketing campaign and start it again.

What if my business is not getting the desired outcomes from PPC campaigns?

You should ask your PPC agency straight away about what will be their approach if things are not looking positive in terms of achieving the objective of a PPC campaign. The success of a PPC campaign depends on many factors. Budget and performance tracking are the most crucial ones. How much your PPC agency spends and how well they monitor the campaign, will decide the outcome of your campaign.

How do you finalize an ad copy?

Content is the real charm of your ad campaign. A compelling ad copy interests the users and compels them to visit the website and take action. So, you must know what strategies or tools the agency uses to create, test, run, and optimize an ad copy. Do they conduct A/B testing to know what the users prefer? Do they do thorough keyword research before drafting the copy? Do they create original & relevant content or use automated content tools? Do they create effective and action-driven CTAs and headlines? Also, ask for their past work samples and review their work.

Are you a Google Partner?

This isn’t a deal-breaker. However, a Google Partner will have experience and knowledge, and follow standard Google Ads Management best practices.

Do you have a monthly minimum ad spend?

Many agencies do but don’t get caught off guard. Any agency should be up-front with its minimums if it has any.

How are your management fees structured?

Some agencies bill you based on your ad spend, some a flat monthly fee, and some based on estimated hours. Have a good understanding of how you’ll be billed for management time and keep in mind that in most cases this is separate from your ad budget.


These are some basic questions that you need to ask the PPC Agency that you are willing to partner with.