If you want to receive thank you cards for christmas gifts, then you should send gifts that warrant appreciation. The thought of sending a gift still matters but during the holiday season, expectations are much higher.

Gift-giving is an art form and the more you give, the better you will be at it. Receiving a thank you note is the feedback for the gift you send.

Lack of appreciation means that they either did not receive your gift or they did not like it enough to thank you. The following tips should help you send better Christmas gifts:

Make It Personal

No matter how many gifts you send a person, they will never truly appreciate them unless they speak to the person individually. The recipient has to make an emotional connection with the gift.

Therefore, if you want to send memorable gifts that receive similar responses, you should get to know a person. Many people will drop hints of things they like if you pay attention.

If you know that someone is into sports, then a sports-related gift will be perfect. If there is a loved one who has always wanted to do something but never has, an opportunity to do so will be a heavenly gift.

Customize It

We live in a golden age in that you can modify anything to any form you can think of or desire. With the introduction of 3D printing and other such technologies, you can manifest anything into existence.

So, if you are going to be giving a loved one a gift, it would make it more meaningful if you can customize it. Even writing a name or initials may be just enough.

Wrap the Gift

The saying is that the first impression matters and the first impression a gift makes is with its packaging. Though we should not judge a book by its cover, we often do.

If you want to make an impression when sending a gift during Christmas, you should definitely wrap it. Accept the extra expense it would take to wrap the gift. If you have your own wrapping equipment, then you should invest the time and effort.

Wrapping a gift also says to the recipient that you cared enough to do so. You will rarely receive a thank you Christmas card for an unwrapped gift.

Send What is Needed not Wanted

Many people have so many things they want. In fact, the things we need are actually much fewer than those we want.

Therefore, if someone wants something for Christmas. You should find out what they need instead. Most needs will be covered but if you can find one that is not, you have the opportunity to send an unforgettable gift.

Someone may only spend a few hours using a gift of something they wanted. However, they will use something they need for long and they will always remember you for it.

For example, if a family member wants money but you are sure they will benefit more from a basketball or a computer, your choice is obvious.