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Are you an influencer wondering how they can use reward style to earn some income through your social media platform? Then this article is for you. This article will define reward style and provide insights into how any new or existing influencer can join the platform and monetize their content.

The increased popularity of social media has led to a steady increase of creative influencers who provide creative and informative content for audiences worldwide. Innovative affiliated marketing platforms such as RewardStyle realized this and have created a platform through which influencers can generate some income from the content they place on their social media platforms.

What is RewardStyle?

Reward style is a platform that allows both influencers and bloggers to earn money from the sales that content on their blogs and social media stimulates. It is essentially an affiliate marketing program that helps an influencer get paid for directing traffic to a given company’s website and, in turn, increasing sales.

Understand that under affiliate marketing, the company (also known as the merchant) can reward the publisher (in this case, a blogger or influencer) in several different ways. These ways include;

· Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) – This is perhaps the most popular way influencers and bloggers are rewarded nowadays. Under this rewarding mechanism, the publisher is given a percentage of sales they create for the merchant.

· Cost Per Click (CPC) – This is where the influencer or blogger is paid a fixed amount every time a customer clicks on their link and visits the merchant’s website.

· Cost Per Mile (CPM) – under this rewarding mechanism, the publisher is usually given a fixed amount of money for every 1000 impressions a banner advert gets on their site.

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How to Join RewardStyle

Are you asking yourself, how do I join RewardStyle? For you to join the platform, you will be required to go through their application process. However, Understand that RewardStyle have a reputation of being exclusive and having a thorough selection process. Therefore, do not expect to get in immediately. however, here are some things you need to do to increase your chances of getting accepted on the platform;

· Only use bright and clean photos as this will help your images stand out and attract an audience

· Have a clear business niche- this will show RewardStyle that you have something specific your content looks to promote hence making them more willing to work with you

· Update your blog regularly- it is advisable to make sure that you post content on your blog or social media account constantly and that you have a considerable audience before even thinking of applying to join RewardStyle. The company always chooses to work with influencers that they deem are capable of boosting product sales. Therefore, if you do not have an audience, it can be pretty hard for them to add you to the platform.

· Get a current member to refer you- getting a recommendation from highly successful RS members is one of the best ways to boost your chances of getting accepted on the RewardStyle.

How much does RewardStyle cost? Your commission transactions with RewardStyle will be handled through the ShareASale network. The ShareASale network usually charges a standard 20% transaction fee on the commission that an influencer earns.

While joining RewardStyle might be challenging due to their rigorous vetting process, earning money through affiliate marketing is not the only way to get paid by RewardStylr. You can check their website for reward style jobs and get to work as a direct employee of the company.

The RewardStyle Payment Model

When your affiliate links generate sales, RewardStyle will pay you after every two weeks through your PayPal account. However, keep in mind that your PayPal account will also be charging you taxes.

How does RewardStyle make money?

How does RewardStyle make money? Unfortunately, RewardStyle has not made this clear. RewardStyle commission rates are not listed on their website. It is clear that they split the sales commission with the influencer, but no official statement tells their exact split percentage.

RewardStyle VS Amazon

Who pays more, RewardStyle or Amazon? Even n though Amazon is part of the RewardStyle platform, it is better to link with Amazon directly rather than going through the RewardStyle platform. This will essentially earn you more commission as you would have cut out the middleman.

ShopStyle VS RewardStyle

ShopStyle and RewardStyle have the same business structure. They both use the CPA rewards system as the way to pay influencers. Back when ShopStyle was created, it essentially utilized the CPC rewards system as its payment method. This was the main difference between the platform and RewardStyle at that time. However, ShopStyle has since revised its payment methods, which makes the platform quite similar to RewardStyle.

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Technology is not only improving our lives; it is also providing us with new and diverse ways to earn a living. So even though you might have created your blog or opened a social media account for fun, you can utilize RewardStyle and start earning from your hobby.