If you are hoping to sell your home and want to attract as many interested potential buyers as possible and enjoy a quick and easy sale, the best room to invest in is the kitchen. After all, the kitchen is the heart of the home and typically, we spend more time in it compared to any other living space. Estimates show that remodeling your kitchen before selling your property can add between 4-7% extra value to your property  , so if you have the budget and want to make some improvements to boost your chance of selling for a better price, this is definitely the best room to start with. A sleek, modern and gorgeous kitchen is certainly going to attract buyers and can often be enough to encourage potential buyers to overlook other property flaws.

So, how exactly can you create a stunning kitchen to turn your prospective buyer into the person who actually purchases your property?

Improve the Lighting

One of the major benefits of getting a new kitchen fitted is that you can instantly improve the lighting. If your kitchen is quite poorly-lit, it’s going to put prospective buyers off straight away as the kitchen is one room in the house where good lighting is absolutely necessary to focus on what you’re doing. However, if you’re on a budget, you don’t have to rip out the entire kitchen and start fresh to give it a new lease of life with updated lighting. You can change the main light fittings to trendy pendants with bright white lightbulbs and install under-cabinet lighting or spotlights to brighten up any dimmer areas.

More Energy-Efficiency

Today’s home buyers aren’t just looking for gorgeous properties to call home. While the look and feel of the place are important, buyers want to know how much living in a property is going to cost them over the long-term. Older kitchens tend to be kitted out with older appliances, and if your appliances are fitted, then chances are you are including them with the sale of the house. But for buyers, this could pose a problem – not only are older appliances more likely to fail quite soon and require replacing, but they are also far less energy-efficient and more likely to rack up huge yet unnecessary utility bills. Modern home buyers want an energy-efficient home that reduces their carbon footprint – and their energy bills – as much as possible, and the best way to provide this to them is with a remodeled, modern and energy-efficient kitchen.

Consider Usability

Working with an experienced kitchen designer who understands what the market is looking for will help you put together a kitchen plan that keeps usability at the forefront. Potential buyers want to see a kitchen that they’re going to enjoy using on a daily basis, so think about things such as storage space, how easy it is to reach kitchen equipment, utensils and anything else that they need, and whether or not you have utilized any space for entertaining in the kitchen, especially if your property doesn’t have a separate dining area.

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Keep it Neutral

Whether you’re touching up your existing kitchen or going for a full kitchen refit, chances are that you’re going to need some finishing touches to the décor. The best way to go when you are trying to sell your home is to keep it neutral. This goes for both the colors that you choose for new kitchen fixtures and fittings and the colors of the walls and floor. Neutral colors will go with anything, plus they give a potential buyer a better chance at visualizing what they would do with the place. Remember that not everybody has the same taste as you, so picking a color that you really love could backfire if you end up with an interested buyer who hates it. Granite, marble, and wooden countertops in neutral colors like white, cream, grey or black are the ideal way to go. Paint in off-white or brilliant white to create a blank canvas for your buyer to work with.

Consider Safety

Older kitchens are not only often cluttered, cramped and poorly designed – they can also be quite dangerous places. This is particularly true if your home’s electrical or plumbing systems have not been updated in years, or if you’re still using ancient appliances that can quickly become a health and safety hazard after so long. While some buyers might like the prospect of a project to work on, others may be the opposite. If you want to attract the kind of buyer who’s willing to pay more for a home that they can settle right into with their young family, you should update the kitchen to make sure that it is safe at the very least. New fixtures, wiring, and appliances will give both you and your potential buyers much more peace of mind.

Add More Storage

Storage space is one thing that you really can’t get enough of when it comes to your kitchen, and most potential buyers will agree. It’s always better to get a home where you’ve got too much space in the kitchen compared to one where your countertops end up cluttered because there simply isn’t enough room for all the essentials. When designing your new kitchen, be sure to make storage space a priority. The bigger the cabinets, the better, and consider adding some smart storage options like toe kick drawers at the bottom of cabinets, shelving, and rolling pantries in tight spots. These can be particularly useful if your kitchen is small, and can add a huge amount of storage space without taking away from the room to move around and use the kitchen counters freely.

Upgrade or Update the Flooring

Flooring is another factor that can have a huge effect on your kitchen. However, bear in mind that your buyer may not have the same flooring taste as you, so opt for something neutral like tiles or wooden floors, or put down a stylish yet affordable vinyl that your buyer can take up and change at their leisure. Unless the flooring is in poor condition, it may be salvageable – wooden floors or vinyl can often be restored with a good clean, while tiles can look brand new again with a new grout job.

Showcasing Your Kitchen

Once your kitchen is done, you want to make it look as appealing as possible to buyers. The first thing to do is try and find somewhere else to store your kitchen equipment for viewings; buyers want to see how much space is available and they don’t need to look at your stuff. Depersonalising your kitchen by removing your belongings allows your potential buyer to really imagine it as theirs. Make it more appealing with a couple of plants and an inviting scent. Avoid using the kitchen before viewing – nobody wants lingering cooking odors.

With the right strategy, a new kitchen could be just the ticket to getting you the sale you want for your home.