Colleges and universities are those institutions where students naturally stress about internships, internal scoring, and grades. To cope with the different aspects of college life tugging at them, students seek assistance from professional essay writers to get their academic work done. Although using essay writing services is now a common practice among students, many of them are unsure whether they are legal. This article answers this question with emphasis on web design students looking to start using such services.

The legality of essay writing services for web design students

Most web design students face endless assignments and projects requiring them to write essays amid other core design writing tasks like wireframing. Because of this, they are always in need of help to get tasks done, so they contact writing services with highly skilled writers. The good news is that the law hasn’t currently declared using essay writing services illegal. You can understand why it is a legal aspect when you consider these services as ghostwriting services, similar to those musicians and other professionals use.

While no existing law restricts essay writing services for web design students, institutions place certain restrictions on them. In 2018, over 40 universities in the United Kingdom signed a petition demanding to ban essay writing services. Also, educational institutions in the United States are pushing to ban students from ordering papers online.

Considering that these services give students an advantage over their peers, some institutions wrote to big players in the tech industry, attempting to stop students from using writing services. Likewise, reports state that Google and some social media enterprises no longer advertise some essay writing services. Despite the effort by institutions to stop essay writing services, contacting legal essay writing companies for professional writing assistance is not against the law.

Ownership of the finished work

The issues associated with writing services are plagiarism and copyright. Writing services emphasize originality, namely papers that are 100% unique, well-referenced, and written adequately from scratch. But ordering an essay from a writer does not mean you plagiarized it; you plagiarize only when you steal another published work while claiming it is yours or when not referencing it.

As you can expect, there is strict legislation regarding intellectual ownership rights. That is why with writing services, you own the essay without paraphrasing other people’s works. There is a transfer of ownership to you from the essay writer afterward, making you the legitimate owner of the paper.

Choosing a truly legal writing service

Picking the best writing service is often tasking for web design students because not many of them follow the established rules. Though every service claims to have the best writers capable of delivering excellent work without disrupting your trust, the most effective way of finding a reliable and legal one is through friends and recommendations from other students. This way, you can figure out if this or that service operates legally or is a mere fraud.

When essay writing services become illegal

Essay writing services are legal for web design students as long as specific rules are established. Breaking these terms may indicate that the essay writing service is illegal, which is why they must follow the process. For instance, if the service decides to distribute or resell your paper to some web design authorities, they risk not only losing your trust but also voiding the legality of your agreement.

Safety of your personal information

Every reliable writing service has terms and conditions, privacy policy, and service guarantees covering every aspect of the relationship between the client and the service. But not all writing services ensure the personal information security of its clients. When a company offers a dirt-cheap service, it could likely be compensated by selling your data to third parties, so opt for writing companies that provide high-level confidentiality.

Most essays only require non-invasive information about the writer, like their name, phone numbers, the professor’s name, or even the institution they attend. Trusted services will get your job done without asking for your private data. In fact, some of these services will use your details on the platform to communicate with you to ensure there are no privacy breaches.

Why should web design students use essay writing services?

Most web design students that are not skilled in writing are more concerned with conceptualizing UI designs than writing essays. They would rather draw wireframes for hours than write a 30-minute piece. Now imagine a web design student having to write a 4000-word Eng101 term paper. For this student to maintain a good GPA, writing assistance might be the solution. Luckily, writing services are everywhere and willing to handle their academic work while the students focus on what makes them fulfilled — designing UX/UI.


Essay writing services operate like every other service provider, helping clients solve problems for a price. So as a web design student, you needn’t worry about getting in trouble by using reliable essay writers. The beauty of these services is that they transfer ownership rights to you, so feel free to reach out to them to help you with academic work.