Japandi is one of the biggest design trends of the year, and this Scandinavian-Japanese interior design scheme is predicted to become an even bigger favorite in 2022. Home decorating enthusiasts have already incorporated this trend into their living rooms and bedrooms since it has the ability to make any space feel clean, calm, and soothing. Since the cozy Nordic elements combined with traditional Japanese design can instantly make any area of a home feel more relaxing, it only makes sense to have a little–or a lot– of Japandi in the bathroom. This is also the perfect place to try the decorating trend out for size if you’re unsure if it’s right for your home and lifestyle. To add some tranquility to your space, here are some Japandi design ideas to refresh your bathroom.

Choose a neutral color palette

Before redecorating your bathroom, make sure that everything is in good working condition so that repairs won’t get in the way of your decorating project. Make sure that your plumbing works perfectly, and repair or swap out your heater so you’ll have an ample supply of hot water whenever you need it. If you’re replacing your heater with a tankless model, keep in mind that tankless water heater cost depends on fuel type, size, and complexity of installation, so set aside a budget for this on top of your decorating costs.
To start your bathroom’s Japandi makeover, choose a minimalist color palette. The key is to focus on dark and neutral colors since you need to combine the neutral tones of Nordic design with the deep shades of traditional Japanese style. Consider having charcoal grey walls, then balance this dark base with some Scandinavian elements such as light woods, cream or white accessories, and all-white bathroom furniture. If you don’t like the look of dark walls, you can paint your bathroom in a bright white shade, then add wooden elements and accents.

Accessorize with natural materials

When it comes to choosing accessories, you’ll need pieces made from natural materials since Japandi decor looks to nature for inspiration. Think of having a small rattan ottoman and a tatami mat in the bathroom. Add rattan baskets to hold towels and toiletries and keep clutter neatly hidden away. You may also add an indoor plant that does well in a humid environment, such as an Eternity plant, a Moth orchid, or a Lucky bamboo. These plants are sure to thrive in your bathroom, as long as they get some light. Moreover, they’re aesthetically suited for use in a Japandi design scheme.

Add some texture

Adding some texture will give life and personality to a Japandi bathroom. Think about having a patterned Scandinavian bath rug or a Japanese hinoki wood bath mat. You can also add some textured tiles in the shower area, but make sure that they’re in a neutral color. Consider surrounding a white oval bathtub with gray stone pebbles, or replace your old tub with a natural stone or solid travertine bathtub. Add some plush, quilted towels to up the cozy factor of your space, and you’re done.
Having a Japandi bathroom enables you to have a peaceful and relaxing space for your daily shower or bath. Consider these tips to incorporate some Japandi into your bathroom, and remember to keep it clean and clutter-free to make the most of this minimalist home design theme.