A simple overview, outlining the basics of what patients should expect when undergoing a breast lift treatment.

A Breast Lift with Implants is a cosmetic procedure which might aid in boosting a woman’s self-confidence. drooping breasts usually occur due to pregnancies, age and weight fluctuation. Lifts aren’t quite a similar as enlargement or reduction procedures; for the most part, women who bear the treatment are satisfied with the structure and size of their current bust size and have an interest in restoring them to a more correct position. in this article, we are going to define this surgical option in hopes of providing insight to potential patients.


Most candidates include women with chests that sag or who’s nipples point in a downward direction. In cases where the nipples appear lower than the crease of the bust, it is possible to lift the chest area into proper placement for reshaping. Those wishing to undergo the procedure are generally advised to wait until after pregnancy or obtaining their ideal body weight.


The surgery typically takes place in a surgical suite located in your physician’s building. In some cases, it may be deemed more appropriate for the surgery to take place in a hospital, due to potential issues associated with the patient’s medical history. A general anesthetic is administered through an IV, putting the patient to sleep throughout the procedure.

The surgery begins as a small incision made from the breast base up toward the areola. The surgeon will then make a cut around the entire nipple, allowing the breast tissue to be lifted and excess skin removed. Nipples are then placed in a more suitable position and secured. The line from the nipple down toward the crease is stitched closed.


Patients awake from their procedure with bandages covering the area and a support bra in place. The bra acts to apply pressure to the area to help in alleviating the swelling while keeping blood flow constant. Most patients are required to wear the garment for roughly two weeks into recovery until the stitches are able to be removed.

Patients can generally be taken home the same day or once they have regained full consciousness. If the physician feels are it warranted the patient may be required to remain overnight for observation. This will usually be advised if there is an issue with complications or patient medical history to ensure a full and proper recovery.

Cost and Insurance

Most health care plans do not cover cosmetic procedures. However, there are some instances where it may be appropriate for such a claim to garner funding. Conditions such as cancer may benefit from such a procedure.

The costs associated with the surgery are three-fold: the anesthesiologists, the facility and the physician performing the procedure. Patients can expect to pay anywhere between $5,000 to $9,000. As always, when considering such a procedure, patients are advised to base decisions on quality rather than price in order to obtain the best possible results.

If you or someone you know are interested in learning more about this treatment option, the best plan of action is to discuss your situation with a board-certified cosmetic surgeon who specializes in the breast lift procedure. To learn more about breast lift cost, kindly visit http://www.breasthow.com/breast-lift-cost/.