Flooring choices is one of the most important considerations when it comes to bathroom remodel. A careful flooring solution is essential to ensure safety, great looks as well as convenience. Studies show that bathrooms account for the major number of accidents in homes. Generally speaking no floor or shower base is slip proof. However, floors and shower bases with textures can be made slip resistant. Here are a few ways to achieve Skid Resistant Showers Austin. We discuss some options for shower bases to make them skid resistant.

Walk in showersMost homeowners wish to install walk in showers by replacing the outdated bathtubs that occupy a lot of space, consume a lot of water and also make baths time consuming. While new shower bases are installed, there are a few options. The choice of a shower base must follow a careful consideration to ensure the aspects of slip resistance, adequate slope and watertight sealing. There are three types of shower bases homeowners can come across with regard to skid resistant options.

Custom made tile shower basesThese are built for custom size and requirements in order to fit in the place that is left by the bathtubs. For this shower flooring, skid resistant tiles are used. There are quite a many choices under this category presenting a broad range of design and price options in front of the homeowners. Usually, mortar base is created upon which the tile is laid and a waterproof membrane is incorporated to finish the flooring. It is advisable that the custom tile shower base has a low threshold. The ceramic tile flooring implemented should also be skid resistant.

Custom Fabricated Shower BasesThese are shower bases that are cast as per the order. The most common material used in their construction is Onyx. One big advantage of the custom fabricated shower bases is that you can adjust the location of the drain to suit the existing plumbing lines, shower slope and framing. This will make the project easy and economical to accomplish with fewer alterations of the existing pipelines. One of the popular options in these lines is door less walk-in showers that have a custom made solid Onyx surface that is fabricated to the dimensions of the existing space.

Standard Manufactured Shower BasesStandard kind of pre-manufactured shower bases are mostly constructed out of solid materials like ONYX, acrylic, fiberglass and cultured marbles. You will find them in a variety of colors, prices and designs to choose from. The two variations you can find include the center drain hole or an offset drain hole. You need to match the drain hole with the existing drain hole location and framing as much as possible. The most common sizes of standard shower bases available in square or rectangle shower base pans range from 32-by-32 inches to 60-by-42 inches. Also, if it is suitable, you can also pick up from the standard kind of neo-angle base pans meant for corner showers that vary from 32 inches to 48 inches in diameter.

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