Home Alone


Everyone remembers the iconic movie Home Alone as it was the beginning of Macaulay Culkin’s career. Now, 27 years later, the child star of the 90’s is making headlines for another reason–he’s telling all about his experiences with Michael Jackson, and his Neverland ranch. What occurred in his childhood explains the dark turn his life took, and to be honest, it’s hard to swallow.

Famous Relationships


Before Macaulay’s drug addiction was in full swing, the child star was famously known for dating Mila Kunis when they were both only 18. Kunis opened up about why they two never got married even they dated for eight years, stating that she never thought marriage was for her. However, with Macaulay’s troubled past, there may have been other reasons.

The Beginning


On August 29th, 1980 the world was gifted, Macaulay Culkin. His parents and brother all knew he had a flair for acting at a young age, and it’s no surprise either; Culkin’s father was a Broadway star and his aunt, Bonnie Bedelia, is a well-known actress. He started acting at the tender age of four, unaware of the dark side of Hollywood.

Rising Star


Culkin’s career took off right off the bat, as he started in the theatre, made appearances on TV, and finally ending up on the Big Screen in 1989, in the comedy Uncle Buck. He played the middle son, and at that point, he was well on his way to becoming a movie star. Just when things were getting good for the child star, things started to get weird.



Due to the fact that Culkin’s career was rising so fast, his dad decided to become his manager. When he needed his father, instead, he got a strict manager. Culkin revealed in interviews that his father was rather tough on him, and made him memorize lines using harsh discipline techniques. It’s no doubt his dad was tough, but it sure made him shine in auditions, and it started to pay off.

Home Alone


The Christmas classic we mentioned above, Home Alone, was literally designed for Culkin, which is why it was the perfect role for him. His role, Kevin McCallister, was designed to highlight his best talents, and that it did. It was the role that set him on track to be a long-lasting Hollywood star and it got him noticed by many, and not all of them were good people.

My Girl


After his role in Home Alone, he scored a major role in the film My Girl and set a record for being the first child star to receive a million dollars for a single role–talk about success. Soon after, he had starred in Home Alone 2 Lost In New York and by this time, he was meeting just about everyone in Hollywood. However as his career blossomed, his family life deteriorated.

Family Turmoil


His parents started to grow further and further apart, as they began to let the stress of their son’s career get to their marriage. It seems as if there was more trouble off-screen than on-screen. Macaulay was only a child, and no child can handle that amount of pressure.

Cartoon Times


To deal with the stress, Macaulay dove deeper into work. Next, he was the voice of a popular cartoon Wish Kid another role that was written for him. In the midst of all this success, all he wanted was to live a normal life and have normal parents. Sadly, what he got was far from normal.

The Decline


The next couple of movies Macaulay acted in, didn’t do so well. The tension at home was starting to show on screen, and his role in the Richie Rich was deemed by critics to be boring and dull. All the other movies he acted in that year were also flops, including Getting Even with Dad, The Pagemaster, and even Good Son –he just couldn’t catch a break.

Custody Battle


AS if his professional life wasn’t bad enough, in 1995 his parents decided to separate, and an ugly custody battle ensued. Macaulay’s mother told the court that his father, Kit, was unfit to be a manager, let alone a parent due to his drinking an questionable behavior. Unsurprisingly, Macaulay didn’t work during this stressful time and his relationship with his father was worse than ever before, leading to his retirement at only 14.

Michael Jackson


Although Macaulay was taking a break from acting, he wasn’t forgotten by some of the friends he had met in Hollywood. In fact, the King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson, seemed to always be with the little boy, so much so many started to question the nature of their relationship. And when accusations about Jackson’s ranch, Neverland, things really started to get weird.

Rumor Or Reality?


In 2002 when the rumors of Jackson’s inappropriate relationships were too much to ignore, over 70 police officers raided the ranch. Not only did they find evidence of child abuse, but they found “collection of pornography that included images and footage of naked children and adults, as well as animal torture, bondage, and sadomasochism.”

The question now on everyone’s mind was who were his victims.

Denies Abuse


Throughout Michael Jackson’s trial in 2005, the young star stood by the singer’s side and adamantly denied that he was ever abused. Jackson’s attornies got him acquitted of all 14 charges, and the two remained close friends after. However, Macaulay was only one of three young boys to testify that he had shared a bed with Jackson and recalls how Jackson was child-like and the ranch had “no rules”.

The Trial


During the trial, the Macaulay was questioned about gifts he received from Jackson, as well as trips the two went on together, “He acknowledged that the singer gave him a gold Rolex watch engraved ‘From Michael Jackson’ on the trip, but said he ‘didn’t remember’ the Goldsteins saying the gift was inappropriate.”

Although Jackson was acquitted, many still believe he was guilty.