Dedicated proxy review: how to use all features you need off this server and get the best for your money. This is what we called Microleaves Dedicated Proxy Review and how it works.

Dedicated proxy is a proxy server unique for a subscriber, that makes it more adapted to your unique needs than other proxy servers. That is a good solution to separate your needs on a server from many others. This days mast of the people needs a unique server because of their unique needs, that is why this solution is perfect to use your server more effective, without unneeded delays. It also has a higher speed than semi-dedicated. Like in any other thing, when you have a full service to yourself, you could be sure it is totally adapted to your needs and that you alone get entire service for yourself. This is a review of Microleaves proxy server. It will help you to see differences between this and other servers. It will also help you to find out what to expect from this particular service.