When a business creates a mobile app or a responsive website to adjust to different devices, there is always one thing that needs to be properly considered and well-thought. Design – it’s the keyword on every stage of creating apps and web pages. Why does it matter, how does it influence the company’s performance and how to take care of it? You will find answers to these questions in the article below.

Why does it matter?

In the design of mobile apps and responsive websites, it’s all about the users. They are the core of any actions taken and decisions made. After all, if the users are not willing to use a program or a platform, its existence is simply pointless. Apps and websites are for users and for users only. Therefore, they need to be intuitive, easy to use and navigate, well-thought and well-created. That’s why design is a crucial element of app development.

A user who is satisfied with an app or a responsive website will more likely return again and again. It will bring profit to the company, and it’s always the main point. Design is orientated towards contentment and being user-friendly, but not all decisions and choices ensure the expected results. Good design needs some key elements.

What makes a good design?

The first contact of a user with an app is through the design. First impressions always matter. These first few moments when a user sees the app, how it’s made, and tries to navigate it are crucial because they determine the future relation – whether a user stays or goes. Sometimes, the smallest details can be the turning point. What constitutes app design are those elements that seem irrelevant at first, like the choice of color palette or buttons’ shapes. In reality, these details are among the issues that really matter in the end. Make Use Of website offers an article about choosing the right color palette for an app.

Why do the aspects such as color schemes matter? Because they determine whether a user is comfortable using an app or not. Certain schemes might energize, others are calming or even disturbing. Deciding on the right palette might give an app the analogous touch, while a monochromatic palette is rather soothing for the eyes. A color scheme should be linked with the type of app, its character and the users’ group. It all needs to create a coherent and unique whole. The wrong palette, too bright a color, badly selected contrasts might scare the users off.

Contrasts, however, are definitely not a thing to avoid in app design. They might highlight the important elements and make the entire layout plain and vivid. The whole point lies in picking the right contrasting colors.

Different colors also evoke diverse feelings and emotions. The various shades of green can induce feelings of hope, balance or reassurance in the users, while red can cause the emotions of desire, anger or energy. Colors can also create a certain atmosphere, which is quite crucial. An example might be online casinos, such as the ones listed on Casinos.co.za platform. The fact that they are mobile-friendly is one thing, but their design makes the players feel like they were in a real-life casino, and the choice of the color palette makes the entertainment unique. Their design makes the whole experience more pleasant and fun, while at the same time bringing the feeling of safety – it’s all in the choice of design.

Never underestimate

App and website design is not only about the colors, but the choice of the shades and a palette shows how important are such details. For those who are not experts on the subject, the decision about the color scheme might seem like one of the easiest ones. However, this article illustrates the fact that the design is about one thing only – user experience. Interaction Design Foundation offers an article about mobile user experience design that explains why it is so important in creating new platforms and programs. Every element of a layout can lead to the user’s dissatisfaction, and that closes the door to any popularity and success. In other words, before launching a new app, planning on marketing strategies and profits, it’s necessary to truly plan its design.