Each year, we sporting maniacs have our calendars full of all the different sporting events that we simply cannot miss, but for those of you who do not have the time to watch them all, here are the most important sporting dates in the calendar, the ones that you will kick yourself for missing out on.

The Grand National

With each year full of many amazing horse races, the Grand National is one you will not want to miss and the average viewership of 600 million people will agree that it is simply unmissable. Not only is it one o the most anticipated events of the whole year, but it is also one of the biggest betting opportunities, generating an unthinkable amount of money each of the three days it runs for, with 2018 seeing over £250 million spent on bets alone. Not to worry if you are not a professional at betting, with the help of a racecard, guides and tips you can be well on your way to making some profit.

The popularity of the event is only growing as the years go on and now sees around 70,000 fans flood to Aintree and those not lucky enough to get tickets are able to watch from home as it is broadcasted across 140 counties.

The race is full of thrills as it is home to one of the most daunting fences in horse racing – the chair. This fence is said to be the most intimidating for competitors as it stands at 5 feet, 3 inches with a six-foot-wide ditch on the side in which runners take off, it is no easy task to clear. Runners are well rewarded for their placing as the Grand National has upped their purse in recent years and become one of the wealthiest races in Europe, offering up £1 million in prize money.


When it comes to tennis, you can’t get better, older or more prestigious than the one and only Wimbledon, it is an event that should be at the top of any tennis fans bucket list and a must-see for even the least interested of sporting fans as t is a one of a kind experience. First organised in the 1870s, the event has been a beloved annual tradition ever since and now seats up to 16,000 people making it the most impressive tennis facility in the world and giving you a good chance of getting your hand on some tickets. You can sit back with a glass of champagne, some strawberries and creams while you watch the great display of sporting excellence.

Wimbledon is also widely known for being one of the Grand Slam tournaments, along with the French, US and Australian open, but is the only one to take place on a grass court, the maintenance of which is taken very seriously. The tournament is popular with nit just tennis lovers but also it is common to see some famous faces amongst the crowd, along with members of the royal family who attend the event to enjoy the tradition that comes alongside the one of a kind event each year.