The practicality of renting an apartment suffers one major caveat by way of decor options. There is an evident boundary past which it doesn’t make financial sense to invest in someone else’s property. Fortuitously an entire market of modular, movable fixtures has developed to address this issue. However, there are a few ways that you can decorate without spending a fortune you will have to leave behind or losing your security deposit.

A quick look at will immediately give you an idea of just how many options you now have to make meaningful decor improvements without investing in any fixed features. You could now literally have an indoor water fountain that you can pack up and take with you when you leave. And we don’t mean some rickety plastic affair either.

There are tons of design ideas online for rented spaces that address basic decor. The odds are you already have an idea of what you like in that regard. Hence we have put together the top tips for inspirational decor tricks that make your rented apartment feel more like your home.

Pseudo Built-In Fireplace

Honestly, we didn’t think this one was possible. Inevitably a mock-fireplace will never compare to the real thing, right? Well, they do now. You can get a custom modular fireplace that is indistinguishable from the real deal. What’s more, there are electric options that offer enormous safety benefits and still indeed look like a hearth; technological witchcraft no doubt, but a fantastic addition to make any rental feel more like home.


A term we decided to coin for a very fresh and fascinating DIY approach to conventional rugs. A thin hard rubber is cut to the desired size and then covered in linoleum or vinyl flooring finishes. The setting in which we first encountered the concept was in a rather modern apartment with bare concrete flooring, but we have since seen the idea used on tiled and stone-laid flooring.

Perhaps because of the visual novelty, a rug area composed of a material traditionally reserved for the wall to wall flooring sets a striking tone. It is advisable to finish your DIY anti-rug with a subtle aluminium skirting to avoid damage.

Movable Water Features

As mentioned, these are similar in concept to modular fireplaces, a movable, or modular water feature offers the appeal of a built-in water fountain or wall mounted waterfall in a solution that you can readily have disassembled and packed up when you move.

These water features offer efficiency to minimise water and power wasted, and can even run off of a small solar cell you could place discreetly on your balcony or terrace. Speaking of your balcony, a water fountain by way of the birdbath is a subtle and tasteful addition to your apartment’s ambience.

Frosting Opposed To Curtains Or Blinds

Another non-permanent decor trick comes by way of vinyl window frosting. Cumbersome curtains, drapes or blinds can utterly choke a small space. Fortunately, there is a multitude of vinyl window frosting options, all easily reversible in that they can be peeled off with no damage to any window.

The vinyl frosting comes in various densities, from a very subtle crystal to an almost opaque sandblast. Regardless of your preference, it offers privacy while leaving a space feeling more open and less restrictive. Vinyl can also be machine-cut, hence flourishes by way of complimenting designs can be cut from the frosting, creating a bit more depth and bringing personality to your windows.