Today the competition is close to its maximum level, in all domains and especially in launching websites and competing to have high-performance blogs, shops or company presentation pages. The package needed to have a good looking website is budget friendly and it is available for everybody. We have at our disposal WordPress, Joomla and other platforms, lots of web themes which costs a few bucks or a couple of tens of dollars for a premium product, all kind of plugins, web tools and services.

To successfully compete in today’s new media landscape, simply having a great looking website isn’t enough. You must now consider a number of new factors when designing your website. These factors include modern design and unique content, user experience, loads speed, usability and conversion, search and social media.

The architecture of new website should pay much more attention to all the details, if not the website will be live but living in a silo, without seeing the world. Gone are the days when a web developer builds a site, the SEO consultant optimizes the site, a conversion expert looks at the site, and then the business owners review the site. The game has changed and we must quickly adapt.

Optimizing the website design and functionality is a complex process that should cover every aspect of the website. Today we will discuss how can 123ContactForm help you achieve that by creating highly converting forms (HTML forms, email forms, order forms and any type of forms as simple as saying 1-2-3). It is one of the most preferred and professional web form builders

Unique Features Of 123ContactForm That Will Help You Optimize Your Website

123ContactForm has unique features that will help you improve your website design and functionality to its maximum level.

A better design, user experience, and website functionality can be easily achieved by having professional forms that can do exactly what the visitors expect and need. Paying attention to the web form design, how many lines you insert, what info you request, where and how you put it will get you more conversions.


Using their gorgeous themes, custom CSS and the real-time editor which require 0 coding skills, will help you customize or design forms from scratch, all theme elements can be customized. Form styling goes all the way! Even the form URL can be customized. Set up a subdomain on your server and make your domain aliasing for

Functionality and user experience

Use standard form fields (like Name, Email, Address, Phone) and advanced fields (like File Upload, HTML block, Image, Google Maps). Place form fields on the same row to structure your forms exactly the way you want to. Change field labels and set field validation. Adjust the advanced options of each form field for a maximum of flexibility.

Whenever needed, you can create web forms where your visitors can upload files. The sky is the limit. Allow users to upload and send resumés, images, audio and video files. Various formats are supported and you can limit the accepted file size. Receive files as email attachments or as download links.

123ContactForm will help you quickly create professional forms in multiple languages. Added languages are included in a dropdown menu at the top of your form, from where visitors can control the display language. Translate your forms and surveys to cross cultural barriers and reach higher conversion rates.

Optimized forms

Forms and surveys are optimized for mobile devices. This ensures their usability in all cases. Forms are displayed correctly on smartphones, iPhones, iPads, BlackBerries, and on any other devices that your form visitors may be using.


123ContactForm service plans are meant to suit all types of needs. If you need a few simple web forms, use the free Basic plan. For more complex needs, choose from the Gold ($19 / month), Platinum($39 / month) or Professional plan ($79 / month). Keep in mind that they provide a 30-day money back guarantee and a white label solution.



Website design and its functionality can be easily improved by following simple steps. Divide the whole website structure into several parts like theme, plugins, and SEO, and get help from the best providers you can. It’s easier like that. For web forms you should try 123ContactForm, it is a complete solution that will help you create any kind of forms which are optimized for web and mobile, have the right options for your visitors and it is fully secured. Use it and you will quickly boost your conversions.