20. An Unlikely Playground


Cornfields are big, and pretty easy to get lost in. It’s not where you would expect to find a kid wandering alone, or a dog sniffing around. And yet, for one child, his adventure alone soon turned into a nightmare situation. By the time the family noticed he was missing, precious time had passed and the child now needed a miracle.

Although the situation wasn’t looking good, there was someone out there trying to protect him.

19. The Maze


In Autumn, thousands of people enter the corn mazes for fun. It takes careful observation, a good navigation plan, and more often than not, pretty good luck to get out of the maze with spirits still high, as most leave frustrated. But somehow, people still flock to them for the challenge. The question is if they’re so dangerous, why are they so popular?

18. A Good Spot For A Horror Movie


There’s a reason cornfields make their way into horror movies. It’s because when you’re lost in one and the wind is whistling, rustling the leaves in your ear, sending chills down your back, it feels like you’re in one. The same rows of corns surrounding you on all sides, seemingly endless. Not being able to see anything on the outside can cause you to feel trapped; it can make you feel claustrophobic even if you’ve never felt it before.

Even a grown man could get lost in an unmarked field if he wasn’t careful, so image how dangerous this adventure was about to be for this child. 

17. Not A Place For A Kid


All the plants look like it’s ominously looking at you and is trying to think of ways to harm you.  And while not all of them look as scary as the ones in this picture, you still wouldn’t want a kid to be in there, alone or otherwise– especially with a wild imagination.

16. Baby’s Day Out


When a child goes missing it always ends up in a rescue mission, and it’s rarely good news. It’s never planned in advance because each case is always different. So no matter how hard they try and prepare, things can always take a left turn. For one unlucky family, their child became the subject one of those rescue missions, and they had no idea where to start.

15. Wandering Off


Mason, known to his family as the troublemaker, was playing with his siblings outside their home in Richmond, Minnesota when he wandered away. The family started looking for him around the block immediately but to no avail. They couldn’t find him, and it was getting dark so panic started to set it. 

14. A Cornfield Is the First Place He Goes


The worried parents called the authorities and soon the place was swarming with officials looking for lost baby Mason. The fire department, the police, and the sheriff’s department all joined the search along with the family, frantically calling the young boys name. At first, no one thought to look in the fields as he wasn’t gone long before they noticed he was missing so they assumed he couldn’t have gone far.

However, they were wrong.

13. Too Little, Too Fast


In the little time he had been left unsupervised, Mason managed to reach the cornfields and get lost inside it. The family was amazed at how he went so far so quickly. They were worried about his safety because they didn’t know what may be lurking deep inside the rows. 

12. Foot Prints


While searching for Mason, every time someone found his footprints, they found something else nearby. Two more sets of footprints, but they weren’t human. They assumed their child went alone and were astounded when they found out something was with him. It was becoming more and more urgent to find young Mason.

11. The Mystery Companion


By now, aerial search had already been deployed. And using heat sensors, the helicopters were also aware that Mason was not alone. The question remains, who was with Mason? Was his life in extreme danger?

10. A Boy And His Friend


It’s said that Dogs are Man’s best friend. And it has been proved true time and again.

As it turned out, Mason was not alone after all, he had his English Springer Spaniel, Bella Grace, and her puppy Madeline, with him. The dogs never left his side and barked to alert people to his location. All this time, his best friends were looking out for him, never leaving his side.

9. The Rescue


With aerial surveillance guiding them, the rescue team located the toddler and the dogs. The Puppy never left Mason’s side, and Bella Grace, she had taken up the charge until the adults showed up. She knew they needed to be found and she wasn’t going to give up.

8. The Unlikely Superhero


Here we have Mason giving a hug to the family dog and protector, Bella Grace. It was she who ensured that although they were lost, no harm came to Mason. Sheriff’s Lt. Vic Weiss says the dog was in protection mode and played a major role in finding the boy, only three hours after he disappeared. Usually, these cases go vastly different and the fact that a dog is the hero of the story, is truly something.

7. The Savior


Mason was shivering and frightened when he was found, crying and confused–wanting his parents. Bella Grace and her puppy kept him company all that time and made sure he is found in time for everything to be okay. However, that’s not all the dogs did.

6. The Lesson Learned


The dogs also taught Mason not to leave without preparation, or at the very least not without his best friends. They proved their friendship time and time again. This story seems familiar… doesn’t it remind you of something the whole world’s been watching with fascination?

5. Bran And Summer


Yep, a direwolf. Specifically, the Stark Kid’s direwolf from the hit show Game Of Thrones. It’s almost as if Mason had a direwolf himself that night, and it was his best friend all along. Although Mason’s dog was big and strong, much like a direwolf, it’s not the only kind of dog known to save a child in danger.

4. A Kidnapper vs The Girl’s Dog


A little rat terrier saved a 12-year-old girl from being attacked and abducted by a man in Marietta Georgia. After all, it’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog that matters. The dog pictured above savagely attacked a man after he attempted to kidnap a child, ripping the flesh right of his leg.

A perfect example of the loyalty of man’s best friend.

3. Dog vs Big King Cobra


Charlotte Svillcic was 17 months old when she was saved by her family dog, Khan, after a king cobra was threatening her. Unfortunately, the snake bit the dog while all of this happened, but the dog completely recovered after some treatment. Time and again, dogs have proved that they would rather die than let any harm come to their family.

There’s something else that dogs do for us out of love and loyalty, but it goes unnoticed most of the time.

2. Lending A Helping Hand


Not just protective, they are very supportive, too. They are fun to be around, and they don’t judge you when you have the first coffee of the day without brushing teeth. But of course, that’s not all they do for us.

1. They Are The Good Boys


Aren’t we super blessed to have this loving, caring, compassionate, and loyal companion as our friend? And knowing how much dogs love us, they will say that the reverse is true. But Seriously, I often question myself, what did we ever do to deserve Dogs? Whatever it was, I am thankful that we did it.