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  • The Psychological Benefits of Explainer Videos

    The Psychological Benefits of Explainer Videos

    An explainer video demonstrates what you have to offer and who you are in a straightforward and efficient manner. Explainer videos work perfectly well for companies which provide services that may be very hard to describe in a clear and succinct way. Just as the design world has designers, the world of communication has explainers,

  • Wood Cart

    Five Beautiful Items That Complete Your Farmhouse Theme

    There is something about a farmhouse theme that creates a warm vibe in your home. Designers and decorators can elect to give your home a complete farmhouse makeover or just decorate and reshape individual rooms. For example some homeowners looking for the next big thing in home improvements are really into upgrading the kitchen. Whereas other

  • Ezoic Review : Increase Adsense Revenue 115% on Average

    Discover How To Automatically Increase Your AdSense Ad Revenue 115% Using Ezoic

    Today I would like to share my views on the Ezoic beta platform and also test it out robustly and deliver my verdict in this comprehensive Ezoic review. Ezoic has been around for over five years, they are a certified Google Ad Partner. They have served millions of visitors through its website via its mechanism for

  • Metropolitan Museum of Art

    Metropolitan Museum of Art Places Over 375,000 Artworks into the Public Domain

    The Metropolitan Museum of Art revealed that greater than 375,000 pictures are to be made available to the general public. The rare artworks which are located in the gallery’s own premier Internet Collection are to be currently offered free of charge to audiences. With unlimited personal use. This great news for art fans was released earlier

  • Future Products

    26 Genius Future Products That Aren’t Real Yet

    We usually only see products that are available to buy in stores and available online. Yet in this in depth feature post we’ll be going behind the scenes on 26 genius future products that aren’t real yet. These products are either preparing to start production or are in the concept design stages and final planning before

  • Amazing Resorts of the World

    Explore 8 Of The Best Designed Casinos and Most Amazing Resorts In The World

    You would be astonished at just how much conceptual thought and creative flair is devoted to planning and designing a modern day gaming resort. In terms of architecture, design, vision and scope there are few buildings and structures quite like these amazing resorts anywhere else in the world. It is little wonder such places are

  • DesignBump Original Coffee Mugs

    Five Cool and Original Mug Designs For Coffee Lovers

    Lets face it a hot drink for many of us is a fabulous way to start and perhaps finish the day. Coffee in particular is often referred to as the working mans fuel. Of course coffee is a drink enjoyed by men and women from all walks of life. Here we have a cool selection

  • Kong Skull Island Movie Poster

    Amazing Poster Art for Kong Skull Island That You Will Want to See

    Generally we do not talk much about movie poster design here at DesignBump. However perhaps we really should do this more. Since this brand new poster for the upcoming adventure/monster reboot of Kong Skull Island is a real beauty of a monster poster. In fact, so far Warner Bros Pictures and Legendary Films have done

  • 15 Free WordPress Themes 2017

    Explore the 15 Best Free WordPress Themes for 2017

    In terms of technology advancement, 2017 is going to be no different from the years before it. This is especially so because it is a well-known fact that technology doubles itself after about every year. Generally the same can be said about the technology used in website building and themes for such websites. There are

  • Beat The Winter Blues

    5 Productivity Tips To Help You Beat Your Winter Blues

    The end of the year of course brings with it, the festive feeling and lots of excitement in terms of food, celebration, time away from work, indulgences and much more. The start of the following year brings with it an altogether less exciting set of feelings and emotions known as the Winter Blues. Indeed as soon as

  • The Emerging SEO Trends of 2017 Infographic

    The Emerging SEO Trends of 2017 Infographic

    It is easy to obsess over the state of search and SEO trends and the never ending flux in the SERPS. Anyone who depends on SEO for traffic and resulting bread and butter income will tell you that it really is digital wave riding at it’s finest. One minute your riding your wave as high

  • Unusual Hotels of the World 2017

    The Top 10 Most Unusual Hotel Designs in the World

    Discover our take on the Top 10 most unusual hotels in the world. Each hotel in our top ten list is trying to “invent” their own bespoke “flavor.” Hotel experiences to attract paying guests of substance to their hotel. However, some hotel owners are going much further. Trying to create something new in their design and

  • How the zombie apocalypse might take its toll on The Taj Mahal in India. Zombies would happily destroy the Taj Mahal too. Zombies care little for the state of the economy in India.

    How Our Famous City Landmarks Will Fall After a Zombie Apocalypse

    They are historical structures imagined and devised by the world’s most revered architects, craftsmen, engineers and technical designers. Monuments that have captured signature moments in time and unique era’s in world history that maybe gone but are never forgotten. These are the majestic buildings, sculptures, bridges, cathedrals and towers that define the heritage of humanity.

  • Amazing Letter Gifts

    20 Genius DIY Typography For Art and Design Projects

    Fonts, symbols and letter gifts are extremely popular. Is it not amazing how much impact letters and fonts can carry? Do you love all things typography and lettering? Does experimenting with all sorts of unique font designs excite you? In fact letters and words can have a strong presence when it comes to trying out new art

  • New Kitchen Ideas 2017

    5 Smart Kitchen Design Ideas For Reimagining Your Kitchen in 2017

    As 2017 has just started, it is time to start thinking about your New Year’s resolutions at the same time. If organising your kitchen and changing its appearance is one of them, you can do that easily by applying your creativity in forming some great kitchen design ideas and taking some powerful steps to implement them

  • Adorable Cat Gifts for Cat Lovers

    29 Totally Adorable Cat Gifts For Cat Lovers

    Cats are the second most lovable pets in America. If you’re into collecting lovable kittens or just in love with cats. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the selection of cat gifts that we have carefully selected below. In a personality test cats displayed human like behaviors including companionability and friendliness. That may be the reason why most

  • flyer designs for inspiration

    30+ Fantastic Flyer Designs for Creative Inspiration in 2017

    If you’re trying to promote a business or event flyers are a great choice to convey your information and these flyer designs for inspiration will help that design process. Designing a truly great flyer can sometimes be tricky. You may need some creative inspiration to get you started producing truly epic designs. This list is

  • Referral Marketing Strategies

    4 Stellar Strategies That Make Referral Marketing Work

    Long held marketing beliefs coupled with hard data on existing referral networks demonstrate that encouraging your loyal customers to spread your brand’s message is perhaps the best marketing tactic there is. Indeed, people tend to trust recommendations from their friends and family more than marketing messages and advertisements. So referral marketing schemes tend to increase

  • Pictures of a Changing World

    20 Photos That Prove How Much The World Has Changed

    You certainly never get to see a young child and a dog settle their differences in the ring once and for all anymore. More likely if dogs are found fighting children these days then it is the sad consequence of an irresponsible owner.

  • Amazing Places: African Safari Adventures

    Break all the Rules and Jumpstart Your African Safari Adventures

    Africa is a mysterious continent for sure. A landmass of diverse nations spanning thousands of square miles. Africa is the second largest continent on Earth and there is lots to see when looking to embark upon the best African safari adventures to be found. Without digging in deep one of the first things that children

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