Accidents can happen unexpectedly, causing severe injuries, disabilities, or even death. Such occurrences can have a significant effect on your life, relationship, and primarily finances. The treatment process can be costly in the case of disability. This may lead to a considerable burden on your family and friends.

Most people fail to have a personal accident insurance cover because they do not understand its benefit. You have to think of your family’s safety and security and their ability to sustain themselves economically in case anything unexpected happens to you. Your family does not have to sell your assets to cover your medications if you get into an accident. Therefore, investing in personal accident insurance is reasonable to protect your family from such distress in such incidents.

The following article will enlighten you on some benefits of personal accident insurance.

What Is a Personal Accident Insurance Cover?


Before digging deeper into the benefits, let’s first understand what personal accident insurance covers. Personal insurance cover assures you compensation against an occurrence such as injuries, disabilities, or deaths. This accidental insurance can help cater for the expensive medical bills, and in case of death, your family can receive compensation under its coverage and indemnity amount. If you own a building you’ll also want to have a solid building accident lawyer

A personal accident insurance cover is divided into two main categories;

Group Personal Accident Insurance


Group personal accident insurance is an insurance investment done by business owners and employers to cover employees against any accident that may occur at the workplace. The employer’s premium depends on the organization’s size, the number of employees, and the nature of work. A group personal accident insurance cover ensures employers’ financial assistance and companies’ safety in case of any unexpected occurrence that may lead to the employees’ death, injury, or disability while executing their duties.

Individual Personal Accident Insurance


Individual personal accident insurance cover is taken by individuals insuring themselves from accidental damages such as deaths, disabilities, and loss of body parts resulting from accidents such as roads or machine operation accidents. The premium payable in such cover depends on insurance company policies.

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Here Are The Benefits Of Personal Accident Insurance

Your Family Will Be Stress-Free

In an instance where the accident renders you disabled or leads to death, your income and the general economic aspect of your family will be affected. The expensive medications and care services that follow may cause serious distress. With a personal accident cover, your family will receive financial protection, guaranteeing financial security.

Further, in case of death, your family will receive a hundred compensation from the insurance company, which will help solve any financial crisis caused by the death. They can use the sum to cater to other liabilities and sustain their usual lifestyle.

Therefore, a personal accident insurance cover gives you and your family peace of mind and protects them from any financial crisis that arises after accidents causing deaths or disabilities. Your absence will also not affect the other family members financially.

Personal Accident Insurance Is Simple With Minimal Documentation


Most people fear buying insurance covers because of the long and complicated process involving a lot of documentation. However, you will not have the stress of the paperwork when it comes to personal accident insurance cover. You will only be required to provide your basic personal information by filling out an application form, and the insurance company will issue you the policy.

No Geographical Limitations


Most insurance policies have geographical insurance, meaning they can only compensate for an incident in a given area, region, or country. With a personal accident insurance cover, you will not have to worry about such limitations. You can be sure that you and your family will benefit from your insurance cover in the form of compensation, irrespective of where the accident happens.

You Don’t Need Medical Tests To Be Issued With Policy


Most health insurance covers will require you to undergo a medical test before issuing you the policy Accident Insurance cover will not ask for or demand any medical test. This is one of the best things about this insurance policy.

Easy Claim Process


In addition, the process is not as complex as most people assume when making a claim. You will not have to worry about hiring a personal injury lawyer to help you make your claim. The process is accessible regardless of the type of personal accident policy you take. Once you or your family inform your insurance company about the incident and the claim form is filled, the compensation process begins immediately.

The employer will only have to submit the application form within a given period for a group personal accident insurance. In both cases, the insurance company must verify the claim before making the compensation.

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Ambulance Expenses


A personal accident insurance policy will help cater for ambulance expenses incurred when carrying you from the accident spot to the hospital or when being transferred to another hospital. This means any expenses incurred during the accident will be covered under this policy.

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Covers Riots And Strikes


Personal accidents policy covers injuries or deaths that may occur due to riots and strikes. The policy categorizes these two incidents as unexpected events. During riots, some people may use crude weapons or scramble their way out, which may cause fatal deaths or injuries. The policy will help cater for the medical expenses, and your family will also receive compensation.



One good thing about personal accident insurance cover is that it is available whenever you need it. You can contact the insurance company anytime when you want to take the cover. Similarly, you can contact your insurance company anytime when making any claim. This means you will not have to wait for specific dates or times or book an appointment to receive the services. Most personal accident companies have an online platform where insurance holders can reach them and make their claims or inquiries.

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Wrapping Up


Personal accident insurance cover enables you to give your family financial security in case of any unexpected occurrence which may affect your income. It would help if you thought of how you will manage your lifestyle and family in case of an accident that will render you disabled. Investing in personal accident insurance is an excellent way to prepare for such unexpected incidents. As an employer, it’s good to have an insurance policy that will cover your employees in case of accidents. Before signing an insurance cover, you should understand the policy’s terms and conditions, inclusions, and exclusions.