We live in an era of digital photography and take nice pictures every day – but too often the best shots end up forgotten in digital storage. Let’s be honest, when was the last time you browsed pictures from your honeymoon, that vacation from 5 years ago, or that unforgettable Christmas up in the mountains?

Moreover, these days we carefully edit and retouch digital images, and even amateur photographers often achieve striking aesthetic results. This meticulous work shouldn’t go in vain – why not use your own photos to spruce up the walls in your home and relive the best moments of your life every day? In this article we tell you how to do it – easy, quickly, and on a budget.

Choose Emotionally Loaded Photos

What makes people share your photos? Most likely, it’s the picture’s character – people are most drawn to images that inspire them, make them feel awe, excitement and joy. Photos that are powerful enough to tell a story without needing a single word of explanation, will get more likes on Facebook and Instagram. The same approach works in the realm of interior design and physical photo reproductions.

Many DIY-decorators are tempted to go the easiest way and hang posed studio portraits with perfect lighting and impeccable retouch. Professional photos indeed work great in some environments –workspace, home office, formal banquet rooms etc. – but do you really want to transform your home into a wall of honor?

When you’re decorating a private space, such as a bedroom, a living room or even a staircase, choose photos that capture the essence of your experience. Photos that are bursting with happiness, tranquility or boldness should be the perfect choice. They will give a pop of character to any space and showcase the most memorable moments of your life.

Print the Best Shots 

Most likely, you already have some printed photos at home. It’s also probable that they are hidden beyond the covers of photo albums and are too small to make an impact as wall decor. So when it comes to printing the best shots, you should think about at least two things: where to find a reliable printing provider and what printing medium to choose.

The printing market is more active than ever before, so finding a trustworthy company isn’t difficult. Our favorite is CanvasDiscount.com – a discount printing service that delivers high-quality prints at bargain-basement prices. They work with natural materials and use eco-friendly solvent-free inks – an important factor if there are children or allergy sufferers at your home.

The product range at CanvasDiscount.com is also pretty impressive – you can get classic framed photos and arty canvas prints, stripped-back metal prints and elegant, minimalistic poster prints. These are just some of the available wall decor options, you can explore more on their homepage.

Design Bold Compositions

Once you have your prints, it’s time to go ahead with the most exciting part of the whole project – designing the composition and hanging the prints. And the world is truly your oyster here – you can follow clean lines of classic patterns or go completely freestyle and experiment with original layouts.

There is just a couple of design rules that you need to follow:

  • first, leave around 2-3 inches of breathing space around the prints
  • second, lay out the prints on the floor or a large bed to see how every layout will look on the wall
  • finally, don’t be afraid to fill bare spaces boldly and confidently. If your wall art composition is too small, it will look lost and awkward, but if it’s too large, it can look tacky and unattractive.

Final Words on Decoration with Personal Photos

When we decorate our homes, we express ourselves through the furniture we buy and the colors we select. But that’s not all – our personal photographs say more about us than any other part of our home decor. Proudly displayed family photos make a house feel more like home, and there is nothing better than that.

If you are taking just the first steps in interior design, you might not be ready to spend thousands of bucks on prints. So why not head to CanvasDiscount.com and see how many different prints you can get without breaking the bank?