The coronavirus pandemic has had a huge impact on our lives and our home is no exception. With people spending more time indoors throughout the year, everyone is craving comfort and we have been forced to reimagine the space with the changes in our life. As we spent days and months confined to our homes, we have come to understand its importance and creating a space that reflects our personality. Whether you need a functional home office or a small pantry for better organization, there are some trends that will become a big part of 2021. If you are planning to redecorate your space this year, keep these top trends in mind.

1.Cozy spaces

2021 will be about some major changes that will give your space a cozy and relaxed look. There will be comfortable mini-spaces in the home where you can sit back and relax. The living room will have more furniture, though smaller in size. We will also see a lot of unique art or sculptural pieces as part of home decor in the entry hallways and the living room. We will see reading nooks, entertainment areas, and outdoor spaces. Staying home for a year has made us realize the importance of every corner in the home.

2. Dark hues

2021 is right where the dark is. We will see a lot of dark hues across rooms at private residences. If you are planning to repaint the walls in your home, do not shy away from the bright colors. According to Jamie Naugle, one of the top interior designers who designs out of Austin, Tx, bright hues will not disappoint and will be the perfect backdrop for artwork. Some bright colors can take your breath away and give a unique and fresh feel to space. Keep the theme of your home in mind when choosing a bright shade. It is perfectly okay to choose a bright shade for a particular room like the dining room or the guest room while keeping the remaining areas subtle.

3. Smart lighting

As we learn more about homes and personal spaces, we have been looking for ways to make the home a comfortable living space, and decorative smart lighting has become a focal point. Swapping out the regular incandescent bulbs for smart lights will make it easier for you to set schedules and build an ambiance that is ideal for your needs. It is best to have smart lighting in your workspace and the living room. Smart lights uplift the mood of a room in no time. Whether it is Zoom school or a family gathering, the right lights will set the perfect mood.

4. Multifunctional spaces

We have done everything from our living rooms in 2020 and now is the time to adapt to the same and make the necessary changes in our space so that each room does justice to its name. Our workplaces are no longer the couch or kitchen. In 2021, as we continue to work from home, we will find ways to reimagine the home that helps bring a balance to the spaces and our lives. We will see designated spaces for work and relaxation. We will see families investing in entertainment systems and setting aside space for it. The year will be about making most of the space you own and working through it.

5. Indoor plants

Staying indoors for most of 2020 has had a huge impact on our lifestyle and choices. The one thing that we have carried into 2021 is the perception of nature and how we must preserve it. Indoor plants have become our best friends and the best part of the new normal. Throughout 2021, we will see a lot of indoor plants decorating the living spaces. They need not be fancy or expensive. They can be simple plants that are easy to look after.

6. Sustainable products

2020 has taught us that if we do not preserve nature, it will not look after us. We have understood the importance of sustainability and choosing products that are not harmful to the environment. The more natural materials you use in the home, the more sustainable it will be. The biggest decor trend of 2021 will be the use of less plastic. We will see people sticking with materials that have a minimal carbon footprint. For furnishing homes, there will be growing demand for wood, cane, etc. We will also see a lot of local items used for home decor like the stuff sourced from a local artist or tribal art.

These home decor trends are here to stay and they will make life much more comfortable and convenient for all of us. If you want to make the much-needed changes in your house, keep these tips in mind to create a space that is perfect for the year.