PHP Framework have been around for a while, PHP Frameworks help web developers creative effective and logical applications. Most Web Developers choose a PHP Framework and stick with it, but it sometimes helps to try other PHP Frameworks and see which framework is best for you. In this article we’ll be going through some PHP History and the Best 10 PHP Frameworks for Developers.

PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor): PHP is Open Source Scripting Language.

The PHP Scripting language was designed in the year 1995. It is a famous scripting language which is widely famous among high level or low level developers. Although it is not enough for creative designs and other additional creations in a website yet it is best choice of all kinds of developers. This is objective oriented scripting language that provides easy coding and it helps you to understand the codes quickly by the namely defined elements and functions. This is the only free scripting language that provides so many features with simple codes! It is easy to proceed with any project with the help of PHP scripting language. Even though we know that analyzing PHP logs can be a struggle, the reflective way of its coding and working has been appreciated by national and international expert developers. The reflective way of its coding and working has been appreciated by national and international expert developers.

PHP Scripting Language has been modified so many times and today, it makes it easy to recognize and type the disciplined coding of your dynamic work as well. It is said that this language is influenced by Java, Perl, Tcl, C and C++ and C is called implementation language. It allows you to stay free with the difficulties of Operating Systems because it supports multiple platforms. The PHP coding has its own way and style of writing. As it is a separate Scripting language, it saves the files in its own file extensions which commonly are; .phtml, .PHP, .PHP3, .PHPs, .PHP5 and .PHP4.

PHP; the most popular scripting language with its framework works for all the internet based website and most importantly, the website does not take time in loading just because the light weight PHP language pages are its base. The PHP language with its framework would give you freedom and additional functionality in web application development. And it makes it quick and easy as well. With the stable and easy coding standards that every PHP developer needs to follow, it will give high responsive and stable application. With the easy and perfectly named coding terms, you would be able to reduce or remove the repetitions.

PHP Framework helps you to build a basic website or web application structure and makes it easy to manage the streamline of your development. As it is not so typical, beginners can also try to make awesome application with proper attention on database connection and interaction functions and presentational coding. While avoiding repetition of coding, you would be able to create expert web application! In Model View Controller (MVC) called programming, the PHP Framework would work on architectural model. With the help of MVC, it will allow you to modify each or everything in your application separately. Most important thing is that the coding with the integration of PHP Framework would allow you to get faster and easier effect of codes with less complications and confusions.

As we know that PHP the most popular scripting language with its framework can be more effective and creative way for your web applications. PHP Framework can be used for different purposes. Either pre built tasks or other coding tasks, this would work perfectly. Mainly, it allows you to speed up the development process and to provide stability. It is wonderfully simple and it is the greatest facility or asset for a developer. So many peoples prefer popular frameworks but you should keep in mind that the development of application should be in accordance with the framework. It is important to check that your application should match your own requirements and the basic parameters and coding standards should be strictly followed.

With all the accumulated features and gained appreciations and preference of PHP Scripting language, so many PHP Frameworks were developed and introduced in the Development industry. The sole purpose of different PHP frameworks was the different requirements of applications and developers. Advantages, Supporting OS, Features and Disadvantages of PHP frameworks were also a major part that encouraged the development of different PHP Frameworks. Here I am providing the small list of PHP Frameworks with its Advantages and Disadvantages that will help you to choose the best for your application development:

PHP Fuel


FuelPHP is a MVC (Model-View-Controller) framework that was designed from the ground up to have full support for HMVC as part of its architecture. But we didn’t stop there, we also added ViewModels (also known as presentation models) into the mix which give you the option to add a powerful layer between the Controller and the View.

Yii PHP Framework


It is best for the 2.0 Web applications Development and it has almost all the necessary features that you might need in application development. The High Performance of this Framework allows large scale web based application development.

CodeIgniter PHP Framework


It is said to be easy to use Framework which provides Good Speed and performance. It is best for the shared web hosting based applications. With its simple solution functions, it offers you instant help according to your choice. The extensive library of Helping guide, Video tutorials, Wiki and Forums support is available for any additional help.

CakePHP PHP Framework


Scalability and Simplicity can be said its perfect hallmark which can define it well. It is best for speedy application development. Additionally, it is simple to use and user friendly. The only deficiency that you might see is that it has a less support system.

Zend PHP Framework


It provides fast, powerful and scalable 2.0 web style application development.

Symfony PHP Framework


It is Developed for the high level development projects or advanced developers. It is considered best or it is recommended for the creation of enterprise-level web applications like; Askeet and Yahoo! Bookmarks. This PHP Framework is filled with advanced and traditional features and because of it; it could be little bit slower than others.

PHPDevShell PHP Framework


This PHP framework is best for small office application development work. It can be used for small teams and small users. It would work expectably fast and it is secure but it might not be suitable for website or content management system creation.

Prado PHP Framework


It allows you to separate the web contents and presentation. You can reuse it and it is user friendly too!

Akelos PHP Framework


Akelos PHP Framework based web applications can run on most of all shared hosting and it supports almost all service providers. It is said to be best for distribution of standalone web applications.

ZooP PHP Framework

The best and most preferred advantage of this framework is portability. It is stable and portable application. It would provide you speed, efficiency in Development. It allows the display separation, data layers and logics and because of it, all kinds of bugs can be easily resolved.