Self development is the use of abilities and skills that contribute to achieving the desired goals, where the methods of self-development first to determine the goals that aspire to reach them and begin to strive to implement everything that is required to achieve. Self Development TechniquesAnalyze and identify strengths and weaknesses. The following steps are based on the strengths that must be exploited and developed for the achievement of work, and the weaknesses that must be combated and eliminated.Make time and effort to turn points of weakness into points of strength, as this helps achieve goals and reach them more easily and quickly.The task of organizing the time and giving each work a specific time to accomplish, through the division of work according to priority in the completion and the allocation of time necessary to master, as the failure begins by neglecting time and the loss of the completion of the basic tasks despite the possession of the necessary skills and skills.Be patient and flexible in thinking so that the ideas and opinions of others can be listened to, absorbed and used later.Alternative plans should be developed during the planning phase so as to overcome any future obstacles that may prevent the completion of plans.Being willing and hopeful despite the difficulties that can stand in the middle of the road, and believing in inner strength that can attract positive thoughts when thinking about them and help overcome challenges. Take advantage of the inspiring success stories of most of the world’s celebrities, which were the result of a certain failure in their lives but insisted on continuing to convince the world of their abilities and talents that enabled them to reach their goals.Providing information that can be utilized in the field of work, through reading the various books and browsing electronic scientific sites and reliable in terms of authenticity and source of information.Work on the development of skills and qualifications by attending training centers that help to increase and stimulate mental and mental abilities.The choice of a healthy environment and social relations of the same intellectual and cultural level to be supportive and stimulating, and get rid of passive people with poisonous ideas that try to frustrate the person and reduce his abilities.It is necessary to look at the successful people in their lives a look free of envy and hatred, and to think about how to achieve what they have achieved through self-reliance and personal effort away from fraud and placement.Keep away from all negative habits that affect the functioning of the brain properly, such as smoking, alcoholism and drug abuse, and a healthy diet that contributes to building the body and increase mental capacity and motivation.