Let’s face it – the digital world made a prettybig boom as soon as it was introduced to us. There are so many brands out therenow, making buying products and services easier than ever. However, it is safeto say that brand names just don’t mean as much anymore as they used to do inthe physical world.

In short, consumers are no longer brand loyal -and the connection between a brand and a customer is not anymore the same.People have become sensitive about how they spend their time and who theyactually trust. According to a survey, it was found that around 89% ofpeople would listen to someone’s actual review or opinion of a brand,rather than the brand itself.

This situation was a breeding ground for manypeople who wanted to earn the trust of their followers and share real opinionsabout today’s products and services. They have been known under the term‘influencers’ – and the best way to describe them is as digital ambassadors whospread the word about quality products and services. More importantly, digitalambassadors who have a wide reach and a large audience of people who trust themwith every review and decision.

Therefore, influencermarketing is largely based upon testimonials, social proof and real reviewsfrom real and authentic customers. A brand is known to always push a message,which is something that people have been used to but not anymore listen to. Thetimes have changed, and the influencers (key leaders) are the new people thatboth brands and customers are shifting to.

Did we say brands – as well?

Yes. There are a lot of brands who startedtaking advantage of influencer marketing for their products and services. Afterfinding that people value people more than brands nowadays, they decided tobrand the messages behind every influencer they choose – and transforminfluencers to brand ambassadors.

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