Street art is usually seen on the streets and no where else. But Pavel Vetrov has taken this skill into hotel rooms to create some interior design decor that looks like it’s off of a set of a futuristic movie! Titled, Sunday, he has divided a hotel room into two parts. One half of the room is a white and some would way lifeless room filled with no color, while the other half is filled with graffiti and colorful street art!

This way of decorating rooms has rarely been seen before and looks quite stunning. Pavel is a Ukrainian designer and works as an art director at Archivizer – a company that produces 3D design visualization, architecture and interior design.  He says on Behance, the inspiration for “Sunday” is Panic Room by Tilt.

Street Art Invades Hotel Room With Half Graffiti, Half White is simply wonderful and almost looks computer generated the dividing of the room is so perfect!

More info: Behance (h/t: mymodernmet)