Supermoon 2016 pictures of the supermoon from around the world


To see the supermoon you need clear, sharp night skies. Hopes for a clear view of the supermoon, appearing up to 14 per cent bigger and nearly 30 per cent brighter than usual in the night sky this November, were dashed in most parts of the United Kingdom. Yet he stunning supermoon was visible in other amazing cities and locations around the world. Read on or start the slideshow.


The unusual moon event, described as “undeniably beautiful” by American space agency Nasa, will not be equalled until our moon makes a similar close approach to planet Earth in the year 2034.

On Monday 14th November 2016, the distance between the Earth and the moon closed substantially to its shortest point, known as the perigee – a distance of just 221,525 Earth miles. The last time the moon was this close to the Earth was way back in the year 1948.

Some places around the world were obscured by heavy cloud, yet other parts of the world offered spectacular views of the giant moon and cratered lunar surface.

supermoon 2016

Once in a lifetime sight, the brightest moon in almost 70 years, view these amazing supermoon images

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The reason the distance varies in this way is the moon’s slightly elliptical orbit as it transits around the Earth. Generally the moon is 238,900 miles from the Earth.

However at the perigee the moon is about five per cent closer to Earth. At its furthest orbital point from the Earth, the apogee, it is five per cent more distant. This is why supermoon events occur at intervals like they do.

Supermoon Pictures; the Closest Full Moon Since 1948

Naturally a supermoon combined with perfect night time viewing conditions, namely clear night skies offer excellent opportunity for night photographers and creative artists to pick up some stunning supermoon images.

The Ultimate Supermoon 2016

The Ultimate Super moon 2016 – Picture is from Switzerland

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Here are a selection of amazing and awe inspiring supermoon images for your enjoyment and creative inspiration. The sky at night never looked so good as when illuminated by the light of a true supermoon.

Spectacular moon events are quite rare and actually do not happen that often. To see more and more supermoons each year it may be necessary to travel around the world to get a prime observation spot of the moon from the most exotic places on the planet right now.

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