There are different entities that need a regular HVAC supplier. It’s not likely you would need a large, commercial HVAC supplier if you own a private residence and you need heating or air conditioning repairs. For that, you’ll contact a local HVAC company.

If you own an HVAC company that’s fairly active within one geographic region, that’s when you’ll want to establish a relationship with a commercial HVAC supplier. You might also need one if you’re a construction company that has a lot of commercial properties you’re working on right now.

Let’s talk about a few of the things you’ll want to see from your commercial HVAC supplier. They are certainly not created equal, and there are definitely a few particular qualities yours should have.

They Should Carry the Most Trusted Industry Names

One thing you’ll find about commercial HVAC companies is that many of them will carry products from a variety of brands. If you know the HVAC business, though, and you don’t recognize any of the brands they have available, that’s probably a red flag.

You likely know brands like American Standard, Trane, Carrier, Lennox, and Bryant. You also might see Ducane, Armstrong, Ruud, and Rheem.

If the supplier you’re looking at has all of those, you should have no issues contacting them. If you don’t see a single one of those on their website, you’re probably better off looking elsewhere.

They Should Have Plenty of Both Heating and Cooling Supplies

The term “HVAC” includes both heating and cooling. If you’re looking into which HVAC supplier you should contact, and you find one that’s heavy in the cooling section but has virtually no heating supplies, that’s no good. The same is true if they’re flush with heating elements, but they don’t have any cooling ones.

The ideal company will have electric and gas heaters and the components that go along with them. They will have oil-fired units and hydronic heaters. They might have kerosene construction heaters as well.

On the cooling side of things, you’ll want them to feature ceiling cassettes and Amana PTAC units. They should have evaporative coolers, Thru-Wall air conditioners, and power misters as well.

They Should Offer You Considerable Discounts if You Buy in Bulk

Let’s say you do represent a pretty sizable business entity, like a construction company that’s putting up some new office buildings. You need thousands of HVAC supplies, and you stand to give this company hundreds of thousands of dollars if they win your business.

If that’s the case, they ought to give you a discount on your order. You’re not going to be able to get bargain basement prices on high-end HVAC equipment. However, they should still give you a deal if you’re going to provide them with this much business, with the possibility of giving them even more in the future if you’re happy with how they do things.

If they won’t discount the products themselves, then maybe you can discuss free shipping with them. They should be willing to offer you some sort of amenity, though, if you’re buying in bulk.

They Should Give You Excellent Customer Service

As a potential client offering this HVAC company a huge monetary opportunity, you should also get phenomenal customer service. The sales rep that you talk to should be unfailingly polite to you. They should get back to you quickly if you leave a message for them, and they should never be surly, inattentive, or unappreciative.

If a customer service rep or whoever else is handling your account is ever rude to you, know that you can easily take your business elsewhere. It’s not like that HVAC supply company is the only game in town.

They Should Always Have the Parts You Need in Stock

Having the parts you need always in stock is the one other thing that might concern you if you’re going to give one particular HVAC supply company repeat business. If you run a large company that does construction, needs parts for administrative buildings, and so forth, you don’t want to have to wait around while the company tracks down part of the order they don’t have ready and waiting.

If you use the same HVAC supply company more than once, you might come to know the sales rep that you deal with each time. You may enjoy working with them for several years, and both your company and theirs can profit from the relationship as time passes.