Co-working is an arrangement that involves different individuals working independently or together in a shared office space. In this arrangement, workers from various places work in a shared space, often called a co-working space. A co-working space is characterized by individuals from different companies or teams who share a single workspace. They also share tools, utilities, equipment, facilities, infrastructure, and other services, thereby significantly saving cost while improving productivity.

The early co-working spaces were known to attract primarily self-employed workers and freelancers. However, this has changed today as these spaces are now being used by almost everyone, ranging from individuals working remotely to entirely corporate teams. Co-working spaces have evolved continually over the years and are fast changing the face of work culture across the globe in the past few years. As a result, the demand for co-working spaces increases daily, especially in countries with a huge labor force, such as India.

This significant increase in prominence of co-working spaces across the world is majorly due to the recent surge in business start-ups and the fast-growing number of self-employed individuals, entrepreneurs, and freelancers who prefer a flexible and cost-effective work environment outside their respective homes. Also, many big companies are fast hopping on this trend because of the various benefits that come with it. Most of these companies are replicating co-working spaces in their traditional workspaces to stay ahead of the future.

In former years, a co-working space may not necessarily be the right fit for every type of business due to downsides such as limited scope for customization and less privacy. However, today, a wide range of co-working spaces are now offering solutions to these problems by providing designs that bring about flexibility without giving up privacy. Today, some co-working spaces are designed as full-floor offices with exclusive facilities and equipment, enclosed phone booths, and private meeting rooms.

In this article, we will review some of the best co-working space designs in the world.

The work project

Started as a hospitality establishment, The Work Project was established in 2016, with its headquarters located in Causeway Bay. The co-workspaces by this establishment are designed to be a complete environment suitable for today’s work style. They consist of different types of shared office spaces designed to create an environment that enhances productivity through comfort and convenience – making work more pleasurable.

The Work Project designs co-working spaces with a wide range of facilities, technology, well-stocked libraries, cozy furniture, and other elements that give them an edge over other co-working spaces.


Founded in 2010 with more than 800 locations in over 65 countries worldwide, WeWork is one of the best-known co-working spaces globally, providing physical and virtual flexible workspaces for start-ups, businesses, and entrepreneurs. WeWork co-working spaces are designed uniquely to provide hot desks, personal offices, and dedicated desks to professionals, entrepreneurs, co-workers, and freelancers needing a convenient workspace.

These designs also come with perks such as free access to coffee, light-filled lounges, and a high-speed internet connection to ensure the most comfortable and productive working experience.

DevX Co-working space

As one of the leading co-working spaces in India, with a presence across seven cities in the country, DevX is a platform that offers aesthetical office space designs for both individuals and corporate firms across India. The DevX co-working space in Mumbai offers a plethora of beautifully furnished shared office spaces, private decks, and private offices to be rented by businesses, companies, and freelancers. These co-working spaces consist of beautifully designed lounges, cafeterias, gyms, libraries, event spaces with high-speed internet access among a host of other facilities to make work more enjoyable and stress-free. DevX Co-working space goes beyond providing a physical place where individuals can work; it is also about establishing a community that enables individuals to carry out their various works under the best conditions possible.

These working spaces also have game lounges, thus, giving room to people to unwind more amid work. This can help in reducing stress and enhancing productivity. For instance, people can watch their favorite sports or play games such as cricket betting online for relaxation.

Hubud Co-working space

Hubud is a collaborative co-working space that runs on a membership basis for diverse corporate firms and individuals. Located in Bali, Indonesia, Hubud co-working space is designed to create an environment that encourages socializing and privacy – whatever the user’s choice may be. Designed aesthetically to give users positive vibes, this workspace is built with bamboos and has a beautiful jungle look.

This co-working environment also offers a wide range of infrastructure ranging from shared office spaces, meeting rooms, skype booths, conference centers to other facilities, including lodgings. It also has relaxation spots that foster productivity and social interaction.

Impact hub

Impact Hub is a rapidly expanding co-working space with a growing presence in over 50 countries worldwide. The first Impact Hub co-working space is located in Madrid. The design by Impact Hub offers one of the best co-working spaces required by businesses, entrepreneurs, or self-employed individuals. This co-working space covers 2500 square meters covering two floors designed to provide a convenient office space well equipped with adequate work facilities.

In addition to the attractive workspace needs such as office furniture and a speedy internet connection, workspace designs by Impact Hub also offer other attractive benefits such as discounts, free coffee, and workshops that benefit their users.


Co-working spaces are rapidly gaining popularity in recent years, not only among freelancers and self-employed individuals but also among corporate firms. This is due to the convenience and productivity these spaces provide at affordable costs. Since the future of work is predicted to be more remote, more co-working spaces will undoubtedly appear, and more people and companies will follow the trend in coming years.