If you spend a fair amount of time on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and others, you know about giveaways. There is always a giveaway running from different brands, and you must have wondered how they pick their winners. Well, picking contest winners randomly is simple when using Easypromos’ giveaway applications. But, before we get into how the winners are chosen via an App, what are the benefits of giveaways?

Benefits of Running Giveaways

Giveaways have various benefits for the brands running them, such as:

Free Advertising

A contest works if the brand running it is gaining a strong following during the contest duration. This primarily works well if you encourage people to share a particular post that raises your page awareness.

This activity shows up on their social media streams, meaning your brand is advertised to all their social media following. It is free advertising and may lead to others liking, sharing, and following your page. This, in turn, might lead to most becoming your customers.

Your Brand Becomes More Visible

The giveaway post is bound to attract a lot of attention, and as a result, your brand will get noticed. If you make your post one that followers should share to get a chance to win, then you can be sure people who did not know your brand will notice it.

Improve Engagement

When you keep your followers and customers engaged, your page gets a solid online media presence. The best way to do this is to run a giveaway contest. This improves your likes, comments, and shares, and people who did not previously interact with your page may start interacting with you.

Improve Your Sales

The contest’s main objective is to improve brand visibility, which translates into improved sales if you plan well. Dedicate a landing page to your website, which requires visitors to fill a simple form. This helps you to build an email list of potential customers.

How Giveaway Apps Select Winners

Giveaways apps can select winners in different ways:

Winning Entry is Picked by a Random Number

This is the most common method used to pick a giveaway winner. Entries are assigned numbers in the order they are received. On the draw date, a number is chosen by random from number one to the last entry. The number corresponding to the number wins the giveaway.

Drawings Via Randomly-Chosen Time

This entry method is mainly for instant-win contests. As the sponsor, choose a specific time for each prize before the start of the giveaway. The first entry made after the specified winning time is the winner. This method works best when you have multiple prizes up for grabs.

Different Types of Giveaway Apps

There are various types of giveaway apps:

Facebook Giveaway 

These apps improve your rate of engagement and your page reach by holding Facebook sweepstakes. You can hold a prize draw for Facebook users who comment and like your Facebook posts or posts.

Entry Form Giveaway

This app allows you to collate user data and their contact information by asking them to complete an entry form. This entry form acts as their catalyst to the next prize draw. Pick users in an intuitive, transparent, and random method.

Instagram Giveaway

You can increase your Instagram engagement via a comment-based giveaway. You can export user comments from a post or posts. Draw a winner from among the many users who tagged their friends.

Twitter Giveaway

Increase your engagement and customer reach. You can also expand your audience base via a Twitter giveaway. Pick a winner or winners from Tweeters who engage with your tweets by way of retweets or replies.

Multi-Network Giveaway

Increase brand engagement and build links between all your profiles on different social networks. Give away a prize or prizes to people who comment, like, or share your posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube.

List Giveaway

You can give rewards to your followers. Import a list of users, draw one random winner, and then generate a Certificate of Validity to prove your contest was fair and transparent.

Event Giveaway

Hold an event such as a workshop, conference, masterclass, etc., and give away free merchandise to the winners.

Main Advantages of Using the Giveaway Apps

  • The giveaway apps promote existing products and launch new products by targeting your target audience.
  • The giveaways collect data and enrich your database with data from all participants. The data allows you to follow up and convert these users into paying customers.
  • Increase of brand awareness via the high reach from the giveaway posts.

Compared to doing things manually, the giveaway apps can do several things:

Participant Lists

The apps collect participant lists through entry forms or social network APIs.

Filter and sort contest applicants

The apps manage applicants and winners via tools that filter and sort the users. The apps exclude any blocked users, former winners, and repeated contestants based on their hashtag use.

Create a Blocked list

You can create a list of participants who have been banned from participating in your contests. You can organize the list by a source of participation or social network.

Use a random draw tool that picks winners at random. 

Choose runners-up and alternate or backup winners in case anyone is disqualified.

Validity Certificate

You get a validity certificate each time you run a contest. The certificate is time-stamped, guaranteeing that the winners were chosen at random.

Announce Winners

The apps automatically generate details of the winners. You can customize the content and page design and the validity certificate link, then share it on your social media pages.

Collect Details

You can automatically notify winners and collect their contact information to enable you to deliver their prizes. The apps include privacy policy opt-in boxes and agreements to communications under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Create Videos

Attract more engagement on social media after the winner announcement in Broadcast Mode. Share an already made animated video or a live video with the winners’ names and their prizes.


Giveaway apps are nifty tools that allow your brand to get a foothold in the market by putting it out there. Everyone loves giveaways, so it is a sure way of getting your brand noticed by potential customers.