Photographers have always used a variety of methods to showcase and promote their work. The competition between budding photographers is fierce, and driving traffic to your website might feel like it is an impossible task. You may already know that social media marketing is the way to go. This article will attempt to show how Twitter is the best solution to promoting your photography website.

Why Twitter?

Setting up a Twitter account is as easy as the average social media network, which isn’t surprising. You can start ahead of the competition if you purchase Twitter followers and tweet links to your website’s photos from any device.

Twitter launched in 2004, and although, at first, it limited users to 140 characters, that number has since doubled. Also, since 2010 photos and videos linked to Twitter are viewable within the platform.

Several Twitter features make it a better marketing tool, the first of which is the algorithm that it uses. The beauty of Twitter is that the feed is not curated heavily like Facebook or Instagram. There is no restriction of who can view updates, so a users’ feed is organically updated in real-time. Other social media networks do not follow real-time, but instead, popular posts and/or paid posts get more exposure than others.

On Twitter, tweets get the same amount of exposure, so your marketing strategy is determined by timing and hashtags.

A Separate Audience

Marketing strategies are always about finding a wider audience and adding to your target market segment. More often than not, Twitter users are not active on other social media platforms. This means that if you have already been marketing elsewhere, these are entirely new consumers you are marketing to. As of January 2021, there are over 69 million Twitter users in the United States alone. If you haven’t been promoting your work on the platform, that’s a big enough reason to start.

Twitter Marketing Strategy

While many may assume Instagram is the more suitable platform for photography, Twitter allows your photos to stand out instead of being drowned out by other visually pleasing photos. These are a few tactics to use when marketing on Twitter.

Recognizable Twitter Handles

Just as you would when choosing a domain name, try to think of something that is memorable so people can find you easily. Otherwise, people might remember seeing a tweet of your photos which they liked and never reach your Twitter page because they couldn’t remember your handle.

Limit Hashtag Use

Although hashtags are useful tools to reach your target audience, you shouldn’t flood your tweet with them. Be mindful of which hashtags you are using, choosing them carefully to get the most out of them.

Remember You Are Tweeting in Real-Time

People will see your tweets as you are posting them, so try to work out when is the best time to be tweeting. A little research might easily show you what the peak hours for your target audience are. The easiest way to do this is to try posting at all different hours of the day and note your audience’s reaction.

Use Twitter’s Live Stream

Live streaming is guaranteed to engage your audience more than tweeting, and although you specialize in photography, a video of your samples is easy to set up. Also, you could live stream photography sessions.

Interact With Your Fans

Last but not least, Twitter is a great way to reach out to your fans and interact with them. Try your best to respond to tweets whenever you can, as a form of consumer engagement. Your fans will feel more of a connection with you, which is always a good thing.