A good garden looks almost effortlessly beautiful. But as all experienced gardeners know, the word effortless simply doesn’t exist in a well-cultivated landscape of fresh greenery, flowers, and vegetables.

But have you become too bogged down in seasonal rules, and forgotten to stick to these key fundamentals all year long? Read this checklist for keeping a good and healthy garden that maintains its lush greenery.

Have you planted the right kind of life in your garden?

No two gardens are the same, so planting the right kind of garden life all depends on which plants would work best and bloom beautifully in your particular climate and soil. You can buy your favorite crab apples online if you’re keen to find a stunning and petite tree that’s durable throughout all the seasons.

Have you planted any vegetables?

Planting seasonal vegetables and watching them grow is one of the most rewarding aspects of gardening. Make sure that you’ve taken the time to create the perfect soil for growing your own veggies.

Have you added fresh mulch to your garden beds?

Retaining moisture for your plants and reducing the risk of weeds is essential. And with a good mulch, you’ll be able to accomplish this while making your yard look as good as new. A solid and even layer of mulch will make a huge difference to the appearance and health of your garden.

Have you pruned your trees, plants, and shrubberies?

It’s important to prune your trees and other wildlife before their buds start to bloom. If you don’t do this in time, you run the risk of causing issues with new growth, especially when it comes to summer-specific trees or fruit-producing trees.

Are you paying attention to your patio and deck?

It’s easy to forget the sturdier aspects of your garden, but it’s still important to inspect the stone in your paving’s and patios for any damage that could be potentially in need of repairs.

Likewise, if you have a wooden deck that’s endured all sorts of weather damage, be sure to check the wood and perhaps get a fresh paint or varnish job done to bolster it before your next big social garden gathering.

Are you watering your plants with care?

There’s a lot to take into account when watering your plants properly. It’s not just a matter of pouring water over them every other day. You need to consider the recent weather conditions and the soil a plant is growing in. You’ll also need to apply appropriate amounts of water to each plant, and not treat it like each one is the same.

Are you keeping on top of these tasks all year round?

While some of the more intricate parts of keeping a beautiful garden running smoothly are purely seasonal, the items on this checklist can be done all year round to make sure it’s being well-maintained. Like all living things, a good garden needs dedication, time, and commitment to reap the benefits of its rewards.