A small explainer video can become not only a great trigger for conversions to your site, but a kind of brand symbol. It all depends on the quality of the video and its effective promotion. Are you a small business owner and can’t budget for video marketing? Or, on the contrary, do you have enough money for a short film, but creativity is not your strong point? Nothing wrong. Each problem has its own solution, namely the appropriate way to create a commercial. We’ve prepared a short guide on who to contact for a video, depending on your finances, ideas and needs. You will also learn about the bonuses of using such videos, which are invisible at first glance.

Automatic video editors and apps

This is a self-made option. You rely only on your imagination and your own marketing strategy to promote your project. As the source material for the video, use content that you can shoot with your own equipment, a camera or smartphone. You can mount it using professional software or amateur mobile applications. In the era of Instagram, there are hundreds of such applications. Many have good functionality.

Who is this method suitable for?

If you perfectly understand your business and how to show it profitably to people, you can easily demonstrate it in a video. Also, you should have not only ideas, but also ready-made photos and videos of your business. Or you need extra time to shoot video footage. Success will depend only on your imagination and knowledge about your business. But it’s also that simple editing apps don’t provide enough tools to create a masterpiece. Keep in mind that these apps should only be used for quick and easy marketing videos. For example, for one-off social media posts. Expect to receive a one-off social media product. But it can very well go viral and bring you big profits.

Specialized studios

Commercial agencies employ marketing specialists (internet marketers, copywriters) and video production specialists (directors, screenwriters, cameramen, sound engineers, etc.). These companies can create videos from scratch, so the entire process is in the hands of one team. They handle the product from initial marketing idea to post-production. For example, you can order this format of work on the website https://explain.ninja/60-second-video/.

What are the pros?

You may not be involved at all in the process. You just need to give instructions and provide the requested information about your business. At the same time, during negotiations, you can decide what you are ready to tell the audience and what is not. Then the creative team starts working. You may be given several options to choose from. After approval, the selected video is brought to an ideal state.

The payment option can be attributed to both the plus and the minus. For large companies, the cost of filming and editing video is not a significant amount. Moreover, the potential profit will quickly recoup these investments. For a startup, the amount of remuneration paid to a studio can show a lot. But the whole point of working with professionals is that they give guarantees of the result.

Hidden bonuses of short explainer videos

If one video is successful, nothing prevents you from filming the second, third and thirty-third. Viewers get used to it and start watching your videos like a TV series. This means that your brand will be recognized, loved, and new releases are eagerly awaited. Thus, from a cold audience you get a warm one and then a hot one. In the future, it will be much easier to introduce new goods, services or information products to the market. You will have to spend much less on advertising, since you will already have a large loyal audience.