20. The Cool Guys


Monkeys are cool, right? They probably don’t understand why it’s us and not them who made it this far. We are, after-all, alike in so many ways. Or do they think it’s them who made it big and not us?

One Monkey’s tale will have you reconsidering who is really living life to the fullest.

A Tiresome Job


Don’t you get tired when you have to walk around the city. The monkeys are no exception. They get tired too. Two adorable monkeys found a way around it.




Having walked enough for the day probably, these two cheeky little guys decided to hitchhike for the rest of their journey. Not known to be very keen on etiquette, they simple hop aboard an unsuspecting motorcyclist’s bike.




9. Back To The Topic


Well, that’s just entirely believable, right. Of-course it is. That’s how you guys move from one spot to another, no big deal. But these are not the ones I am telling you about. See, monkeys are finally getting tired of their age old method of travelling. Guess what they are doing now?

8. Smart Boys


They have started using the roads. It’s just more convenient this way. Also, there are not enough trees left, and sometimes, there are none at all. So it’s no wonder they have started using the road. And some of them have come up with an even better solution.

7. Holding On


When you have already hit the road, why not simply take a ride too. Now that’s not easy for monkeys, as they don’t get driving license. And public transportation is not always available, and is kinda costly. But these two monkeys came up with a solution. And you have to agree it’s pretty awesome.

6. The Stunt Monkey

www.viralnova.comMonkeys, are quite well known for their acrobatic skills. And this little guy here decided to use those skills to get a ride. It’s faster, efficient, and fun. Also, they don’t get tired this way. Good thing the rider is cool with two little monkeys hanging onto him. And then, something happened that will probably change the world forever.

5. Living Dangerously


Some of them have started using railways already. So the railways have got new customers. And the monkeys have got places to go. The railways were up-to the task too. Don’t believe me? Well here’s the proof.

4. Law Abiding Guys


Howdy Jack? Hope you have a ticket. We don’t entertain freewheelers here.

I hope this guy here is a railway official going about his job. What did you say? You still want to hear about the Ross’s tan thing? Well, good thing you have Ross to take care of your transportation Marcel. Some of your friends don’t have that luxury, and we are impressed with how they are dealing with the issue. Ok, so here’s Ross and his story.

3. There’s Something Different

Image: Google

Well, I really don’t know what is more surprising. Ross’s new look or the fact that a Ph.D. doesn’t know how to count. Hint:- Don’t bring in Mississippi if you don’t want to complicate matters. I want to leave the guy alone,He is literally burned, could it be any worse for him?

2. The Burn


Well, it sure can.Not sure if Ross got burned more at the tanning place or by Chandler. But the good thing is, he still didn’t give up. Obviously he will get it fixed in his second attempt, right?

1. Time To Give Up


Well, not quite. He didn’t fix it. He gets it even worse. And you thought it couldn’t get any worse.

You were right Marcel, this sure was fun :).