20. Who’s A Good Boy


This is one question which has kept pets puzzled since the beginning of time. It’s not an easy one to answer. And there are too many correct answers based on who are you asking it to. It’s a controversial topic and the wise Dogs prefer to stay away from any discussion over it. Wait till you find out how big it has become.

19. Finding The Answer


Our furry friends are not known to give up easily, and if you don’t know that, here’s a pic to convince you. This is Mr. Woof, head of the committee set up by the International Dog Squad to find the answer to the age old question, working diligently and resolutely to finish this task for once and all. Billions of Dogs across the globe are waiting eagerly, anticipating their names to be the answer.


18. You Thought I Am A Good Boy?


But you know, some of us don’t care about the answer. We like having fun. We like to chase people just for the fun of it. Ask the Postman if you don’t believe me. And I am going to make a revelation sure to send shock waves across the world. If you don’t want to be shocked stop reading now.

17. The Rebels


Some of us like being the bad boy. Seriously, the good boys are all losing such great fun. We roam around, we play in the mud, we scare the good boys and their owners and chase them. We like getting what we want when we want it. And when we don’t get it, we make sure we let our owners know that we are not pleased. Why don’t we care about being a good boy? Well we have our reasons, and you will love us even more than those good boys when you know it.

16. You Love The Bad Boys


Come on, we know it. How long did you think it’s going to be a secret. Tell me I am wrong, I dare you, I double dare you(I am not going to say the next word, I don’t swear, but that doesn’t mean that I am a good boy). Don’t worry though, your secret is safe with the most enlightened of us and we are not going to share it with the rest.

15. Good Boys Are Boring


Now tell me, who would you rather hang out with? The history professor here, or me? You know you want to have fun and you know you want to hang out with me. And I know I am popular.

(BTW:- Steve taught me a lot and I love him a lot, I sniff him and walk behind him when we meet, he is like a father to me. No disrespect to him, I just wanted to make my point. I love you Steve Man, you are the best history teacher one can have.)

But you know what, I have something to tell you in case you still think this a tall tale.

14. We Love You


Ok, way to lose the coolness quotient, but I cannot just keep it in anymore. We love you, we love hanging out with you and we love it when you call us a good boy. Oops, I didn’t mean that, nopes I did not. No, stop calling me that, now. Pleaaaseee, don’t say it, someone is gonna hear you. Oh you think you got me there, do you? Well wait until you hear what I have to say mate.

13. The Long Walks


I know that you just cannot be without me in those long hikes. I love them, and I love that we always go together. It’s so enriching. It was in one of those when I realised that you don’t care about the question, “Who is a good boy?”. And that gave me the inner peace and strength to come to terms with the fact that I don’t care either. But the thing I love the most about our time together is not this eye-opener. I will let you in on another secret.

12. The Pace


I love fetching the ball for you. I just don’t understand why do you keep throwing it, that must be so boring. I mean, you just keep throwing it and I get to run and get it back. Hooman, what would you do without me?

11. The Peace


Remember that time when we went out for a hike and at the end you just sat at the top of the mountain and kept thinking something, then when we came back, you called Mommy and I finally got to play with her again. That was awesome. All I could think of, while we sat there, was “What is he thinking?”. And when finally you looked at me and asked if I miss Mommy, I wanted to cry right then and there because I missed her so much. I never understood what happened. And so, ever since mommy has gone again, I keep going to the top of the mountain hoping that she will be back. Infact you even said that “She is up there, and she loves you.” But I didn’t find her up there.

10. Missing The Fun


Mommy, I want you to know that we are having so much fun. We go for playing everyday and daddy even lets me sleep on the bed and chase away the neighbour’s Cat. I don’t know why you are missing the fun, but I know that I miss you. You don’t even know what’s waiting for you when you get back home.

9. Just Like Heaven


You know, Daddy even lets me sleep like this sometime and when I sleep like this, I have dreams of myself sleeping like this, and in that sleep in the dream, I keep dreaming about sleeping like this. It is simply great. I just hate that he always washes me up before we sleep. But I digress, I was going to tell you, what’s waiting for you when you come back.

8. The Best Thing Ever



Yes Mommy, It’s me. I am waiting for you. I have so much cuddling to do once you are back. And I simply have to tell you about this new friend I made.He is also a bad boy. You simply won’t believe what he did.

7.  Higgs The Hero


Mommy, meet Higgs, my new friend. He is awesome. Some of us recently had a bark together and he made us all laugh until our stomachs were hurting. He told us something he recently did, and we were all rolling on our backs laughing. Daddy made me take a bath for it though. But wait until you hear it, you will know it was worth the bath. 

6. A True Bad Boy


Higgs wanted to sit on his Daddy’s lap. But his Daddy said no. We thought he is telling a sad tale and started whimpering for him. But then he told us what he did after his Daddy refused. It was so much fun. And Higgs is a genius, his plan will astonish you.

5. The Best Laid Plan


Higgs is super sharp, and he came up with this genius plan, he decided to sneak his way in. That way, he will be on the lap of his daddy even before daddy gets to know what’s coming for him. We all were astonished at this brilliant plan and we stood in awe admiring Higgs for coming up with something like this. Sadly, luck, and chance, those wreckers of all but the best laid plans, thwarted his attempt, and his Daddy simply told him that he is not going to get his way like this. But Higgs doesn’t give up so easily. Wait till you hear what he did next.

4. Never Give Up


He got on the bed and made his best ‘I think I just heard a ghost’ face. We were convinced that he is telling us that he has heard a ghost when he was telling us about this. We all got scared and there was a momentary panic, until he told that he was just telling us what he did. Higgs acted like he heard a ghost so that his daddy will think Higgs is scared and will pick him up. He is such an evil genius I tell you. But that didn’t work, so Higgs improvised and did something even more spooky.

3. Keep Trying Until You Get What You Want


He kept fighting the invisible ghost. Never breaking his character. We all were sure that his Daddy must have been super spooked and must have been thinking of finding ways to get Higgs and himself to safety. Daddy will pick Higgs up for taking him out of there. This was a superb plan. But again, the worst thing happened, something Higgs didn’t prepare for, and remember that Higgs was prepared to fight an invisible ghost.

2. Ohh, Come On


Higgs was shocked to hear his Daddy say, “You are throwing a Tantrum.” We were all shocked, here he was, with such a brilliant plan and almost flawless execution of his plan to get into the lap of his daddy. A plan so great that we probably should include it in “How to Dog”, the greatest Dog manual(Dogual didn’t sound cool, and us dogs don’t care for things if they are not cool for us, and it was written by a man, so technically, it was a manual). And yet, as simple as telling that Cats stink, his daddy caught it. There was nothing left for Higgs to do but one thing.

1. Who’s There?


There came the savior, one of our best friend, the doorbell, and Higgs ran to the door forgetting all about his plans. We still don’t have a clue why his plan did not work out. But Higgs gave it all he had. He made sure that he has a great story, have you?