Being an artist has never been easier! You can sell your designs online without ever having to hold any stock in your garage or basement. With Redbubble, artists and designers can sell stickers, t-shirts, gadgets, and more with their designs on them.

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How does one make a decent income from Redbubble? Are you creative? Check out RedBubble, where you can exhibit and sell your art to the world – for FREE!

The Three Factors

There are three factors to consider when selling art and making money on Redbubble.

  • Views
  • Conversions
  • Commission

When you pay attention and work hard to achieve all three of these factors, you’re guaranteed to make more money.

Grab People’s Attention

You need people to view your art if you want to make sales. There are a few ways to increase your views.

The first is by creating a TON of art designs. Get super creative and make various designs, some completely different and abstract while others have just simple tweaks and changes.

Create art that is trending right now. If you feel passionate about a certain movement that is taking place or something in popular culture, create art that reflects this trend. People will be inclined to buy it because it’s popular at that moment.

Make time for your art! View it as a job, not just as a hobby. When you dedicate your time to creating new designs and produce many pieces, you’ll find your portfolio full!

Share Your Work

Another way to get attention is by promoting your work on other platforms such as a blog and social media. Share your latest designs with your followers to gain more views. Don’t forget to post the link to each design so people can buy it directly from your social media posts.

Convert Views to Sales

How does one convert these views into a sale? Be unique!

All art is unique, but you really have to stand out. Find your voice through your art and connect with your audience and customers on an emotional level. Create art that is relatable and desired by your clientele.

It’s also good practice to promote your bestselling items. While you may have a favorite piece of art that you would rather promote, go with the market trend you’re witnessing. Give the people what they want!

Get the Commission You Deserve

Now that you’ve converted your views into sales, it’s time to get the commission you deserve! Many artists are tempted to take a commission cut so their customers can pay less for their product and are more likely to buy. Unfortunately, this usually doesn’t work and just results in a decrease of commission.

So, increase your commission and raise the price on some of your art. There will still be customers willing to spend the few extra dollars!

Don’t be afraid to produce and promote larger items. While many artists sell stickers on Redbubble, they can also sell t-shirts, phone cases, and more! These items sell for more on the site, which means a larger commission in your pocket.

Join a Partner Program

To make even more money from selling your art on Redbubble, you can join a partner program. This allows you to use copyrighted characters, like from Disney or Nickelodeon, in your art. This will increase your sales and views because people are familiar and already have a love of these characters.

Start Increasing Your Art’s Income

Now that you know the secret to increasing your income from selling art on Redbubble, what are you waiting for? Always keep in mind the three factors: views, conversions, and commission. When you focus on these, you’re destined for greatness.