Having a large living room may be a blessing at first, but then you think about how to arrange it, what accessories would create the wanted atmosphere, and it gets problematic. You can make a great and creative time of choosing the best decorations for your space.

You do not necessarily need to be an interior designer to decorate your living room perfectly. A pinch of creativity and a big living room acting as your canvas will do the job.

Here are some easy to implement tips on decorating your dream living room stylishly:

Decorate the space with light

It is not so obvious that the light itself makes a perfect decoration. Remember that a proper light gives a perfect atmosphere, and it is an indispensable part of arranging any space. Lightning affects not only the functionality of the room, but also its appearance.

LED bulbs would be the best choice for the sake of energy saving and their long lifetime. However, we often have a problem with the decision which one to choose: warm white vs cool white LED lighting, and the choice depends on what atmosphere you want to obtain. You can combine both in your interior and turn on the one you need at the moment.

To read books, a standing lamp with a cold stream of light would be the best as it will not tire your eyes. However, mild diffused light can be placed near the sofa for a feeling of warmth and bliss.

Dark colors on furniture

Decorating rooms with dark furniture can seem like a demanding task. The potential difficulty is that dark furniture almost always give the impression of being quite massive, but thanks to that, they take up some space, which is very useful when the room is large.

Dark colors make us focus more on the pieces of furniture, not on the vast space. This solution is an easy way to arrange the room, but it requires you to think of the walls’ color beforehand. Much depends on the size of the living room. The larger it is, the darker it can be. Remember that thanks to white walls, dark furniture would be nicely displayed.

Bet on one outstanding detail

The key to decorating a large living room is the right selection of accessories and colors. Particularly in modern interiors, a big outstanding detail will be a great element to focus on.

In the country design living rooms where the whole place is in light colors and natural materials, try to pick one thing that will pop out. It can be a vintage wardrobe or an old rusty sewing machine placed in the center of the room.

For bookworms, such a conspicuous detail can be an impressive library. A bookcase of a real bibliophile can fill the entire wall and be a fantastic decorative element. To ensure a cozy atmosphere, place a comfortable armchair and a small coffee table nearby.

Bring a jungle into your living room

If you are an enthusiast of a home that you don’t need to leave to feel like you are in the forest, filling your living room with many plants may be the perfect way to arrange the space in an exciting way.

Until recently, the primary place for growing plants was the windowsill, and although it is still the most popular location, you can try to find a less obvious space for them. Although, never forget that you must consider the unique requirements of every plant species you own.

Pick only the plants that will not disappear in a room full of big furniture. Small flowers won’t be visible, so try to choose the big ones that take up space. But first of all, choosing flowers and their place in the apartment should be determined by their need for light.

Final thoughts

The living room is the soul of the apartment. It is here where the entire life of the household focuses, so it is essential to feel comfortable in it. Spacious rooms have one disadvantage; they are tough to decorate. You will have to spend some time figuring out your concept of design.

It is best when the house design is consistent, so try to combine a few decorative elements that could be in different shapes, but similar in color. For example, pick the plant pots in the same color as the photo frames.

There are things that we are usually afraid of when decorating the space. Dark colors on furniture may be one of them, and there is the assumption that the room will be gloomy and unpleasant. Fortunately, the final arrangement of big living rooms often proves that it does not have to be this way.

©Paula Sieracka