Expectant parents are usually filled with excitement about the arrival of their bundle of joy. Most of them won’t hesitate to go the extra length just to offer their babies the best care.

Parenting can be expensive when we consider hospital bills and the costs of getting necessities such as clothing, diapers, and baby food. Designing a nursery can also leave a hole in your pocket if care isn’t taken.

We’ve compiled some tips for designing a budget-friendly nursery for your kids below.

Invest in versatile pieces

Experts have made it clear that bed sets pose a higher risk of suffocation. It’s better to buy safe and comfortable kids furniture that is perfect for long term use. For instance, purchase a convertible crib that will still be useful as your child grows.

If you’re planning to take this route, ensure that you take note of extra costs before weighing your options. Maximizing coupon codes, discounts, and special deals is a smart way to save money.

Some of the ways to leverage a tiny nursery include decorating with mirrors and investing in a round crib instead of a rectangular one.

Consider recycling or upcycling

Chances are you’ll likely discover some items that you can repurpose if you look around your home. At times, such items may only need a thorough cleaning and a fresh coat of paint.

You should consider purchasing gently used items from thrift stores if you can’t afford new ones. These stores offer timeless décor pieces like artwork.

Hand-me-downs are another great option when designing your nursery. There is nothing wrong with swapping certain items with friends or family members. This approach will be fun and a win-win for everyone involved.

Delve into DIY décor

Hiring a professional interior designer for your nursery will attract extra costs. However, DIY décor is a more affordable option. It’s also an easy way to end up with a customized nursery even if you want a gender-neutral one.

Most of the items you need for creating accessories from scratch are available in your home and at local stores. The key ingredient you need to achieve a cohesive design in your nursery is a healthy dose of creativity. If you’re short of ideas, try searching for inspiration online.

Painting the walls and ceilings can transform the entire nursery. As you take this step, endeavor to stick to a simple color scheme.

Opt for inexpensive storage options

Babies tend to have lots of stuff like toys, clothing, and the likes. Built-in storage options are among the latest trends that help to save space and costs. You will find it easier to keep clutter in check in your nursery.

Alternatively, buy wicker baskets to keep your baby’s necessities easily accessible and organized. Installing wall shelves will also provide extra storage space.

Focus on simplicity

Embracing simplicity won’t stop you from having a stunning and functional nursery regardless of your preferred décor style. This is because babies don’t care if you design a luxe or simple nursery as long as they are comfortable and safe.

About Author: Rima is a professional interior designer. She shares her opinion on her interior design blog.