Trying to furnish a small room is challenging, and incorporating large amounts of seating can make a room feel closed in. One way to open up a space and accommodate guests is to use furniture that isn’t bulky. Avoid cramming overstuffed couches into a tight space, and choose furniture that isn’t restrictive, such as chairs without arms.

Commercial office spaces, high-traffic businesses, medical offices, courtrooms, restaurants, and hospital waiting areas all know how important it is to have enough seats for visitors. Chairs with armrests take up a lot of square footage and visually make a room appear small. Armless chairs, also known as side chairs, are stackable, and a business can line them up close to one another to provide maximum seating without looking cluttered.

Make Ease of Sanitation and Durability a Top Priority

When deciding what type of chair to purchase, there are several reasons for considering an Integra chair. The design of this chair blends well with many design styles. It’s also easy to clean, providing an element of infection control that fabric and upholstered chairs do not. Sanitation is vital for businesses that cater to large numbers of people. Durability and the ability to stand up to constant cleaning helps this chair stand apart from others.

The Advantages of Going Armless

Armless chairs take up less space than chairs with attached armrests. In most instances, armless chairs are more cost effective since fewer materials, such as frame supports, upholstery, and fabric, are used to construct them. Armless chairs work well in waiting rooms and business lobbies that are high-traffic zones. This space-saving design allows easy movement, such as scooting closer to a table or workstation. An armless chair lets an individual get up and down without bothering others nearby.

How to Decide on the Best Chair to Fill a Need

When purchasing an armless chair for a specific area, choose a style, size, and shape best suited for the space where it will go. In some instances, solid wood chairs may work best. Metal frames may work better in other situations. Upholstered and plastic are other possibilities. Chairs can be identical or mixed for a unique, eclectic presentation.

Popular Uses for a Side Chair

Armless chairs work well in small spaces. Side chairs are also great in corners where a traditional armchair won’t fit. It’s easy to take a spot that lacks interest, add a side chair and a pole lamp, and watch it transform into a cozy reading nook. Armless chairs are versatile. They can be lined up, stacked, or used alone as a statement piece. They offer nonrestrictive seating, unlike armchairs that confine a person to a set spot. A side chair lets the person using it move closer to a table or be farther away.

Side chairs are perfect in entry areas of a home or office. In the past, side chairs remained in the dining room, where guests had to sit close together to share a meal. Today, armless chairs have many other functions. Side chairs make excellent desk chairs and save space when a desk is located in a tight area. Place a side chair in a bathroom to sit on after a hot shower. Add a side chair by a window to enjoy bird watching, or place an armless chair in a hallway to use when putting on or taking off shoes. The possibilities are endless.