Many people can only imagine what a great sexual experience feels like. Due to several factors, many people find it challenging to have a fulfilling sexual life. Fortunately, a virtual alternative to real-life sex that is just as intense and enjoyable is available —-skype sex with a cam model.

Skype sex has allowed many to step out of their comfort zones to become more sex-positive, as they now enjoy the numerous benefits that skype sex has to offer.

However, having a good sexual experience with a cam model doesn’t just happen. It takes some effort on the user’s part to allow the model to perform her magic.

Here are some tips for having the ultimate sexual experience with a cam girl.

7 Tips for the Ultimate Sex Experience  

Virtual sex can get boring pretty fast. You ultimately must keep things as hot and steamy as possible for the most enjoyable period for you.

It’s totally okay if five minutes sex is your thing. However, you should not take this as an invitation to put up appearances and make yourself into a performer. Cam sex must be authentic to be enjoyable.

Here’s a list of seven things you need to make Skype sex with a model worth it.

Get Your Tools

Skype sex is literally sex on Skype. So it only makes sense that if you are planning some action, you get your webcam, phone camera, or whatever device you choose ready for broadcast. You also need to make sure you do your mic check and that your mischievous roommate has not tampered with the WiFi again.

Once all these are set, log in to your selected platform, get into any room of your choice, and shoot your favorite model a message.

Don’t Jump Right In 

But wait a minute. Before you get into the action, take a moment to talk things through with your model. We all know you’re here for sex, but while we’re at it, can we talk about some boundaries, fantasies, kinks, and everything in between?

Communicating with your model helps to improve the quality of your experience considerably. It also helps you get comfortable with your model and her with you.

Talk Shit 

Now that you’ve gotten all the awkward stuff out of the way, you can gradually shift the conversation towards the dirty; talk dirty with your cam model.

This helps to build up the sexual tension in the room. Talking dirty also makes the experience more intense and edgy.

Bring the Toys on Air (or on Camera)

While your hands will do an equally great job during Skype sex, adding an extra layer to the fun is never a bad idea. Sex toys can bring that extra. You can use the toys on yourself while your cam girl watches or vice versa.

If you can afford them, app-controlled sex toys are all the rave right now. You should find out why yourself.

Play Safe 

While the fear of getting caught can make sex a lot more intriguing, the reverse is more likely when it comes to virtual sex. The point being made here is not that sex is an immoral act that you should hide.

The point is that digital footprints are incredibly hard, if not impossible, to erase. The last thing you want is nude videos and pictures of you on the internet without your consent.

Show Up, Show Out 

You know how you take time to prepare for that big date? Well, bring that same energy to your Skype sex encounters. Make sure everything that projects your true sexual self in the best light possible is well set up.

This includes your dressing, camera angle, lighting, background, and everything in between.

Go Full Throttle for the Big O

Don’t hold back; go all in. A good Skype sex experience is participatory and intense. Bring in all the theatrics, moan loudly, scrunch up your face if that’s how you express yourself. This can make all the difference.

Remember, you are not in each other’s physical presence, you have to play it up. And when it’s all finished, don’t just log off your computer. Simply logging off after your climax can quickly make an otherwise enjoyable experience feel unpleasant.

Being rude and dismissive after sex is never a nice look, even if you’re paying for it. Skype sex doesn’t have to be boring; just make sure you’re putting in the effort.