End of summer is here. While it is a little said this only means that fall festivals are starting! There are so many amazing festivals happening this fall around the world. Today we will be breaking down everything you need to know for Burning Man, one of the most famous festivals from the last twenty years. If you have tickets for this year’s festival or are thinking of attending for 2023, this is a must read article. Use this as your packing guide for years of Burning Man Festities to come!

What is Burning Man?

Burning Man is a music festival unlike any other. The festival takes place every year at Black Rock City, Nevada. Never heard of it? Not surprising as it only exists for one week every year. This desert spot is about three hours north of Reno, Nevada. Black Rock City is described as an ephemeral city where participants attend for a radical experience. The town can hold up to 70,000 festival goers. This festival experience is unlike any other for many reasons. One of the major reasons why it differs from others is that when the week is over the city is burned to the ground. The art is made specifically for “the burn” which is a ceremony of sorts.

Fashion Unlike Any Other Festival

When it comes to festival clothing at Burning Man, it is unlike any other festivals because there are strict rules surrounding what can be brought into the festival due to the festival’s ten ruling principles.

Environmentally Conscious

The major reason why festival fashion is so different at Burning Man from other festivals is because of its “Leaving No Trace” policy. Burning Man is extremely environmentally conscious working towards preserving the environment in every way possible. Everyone is responsible for removing every piece of garbage they create during the week of the festival. This seriously impacts how you can dress during the festival. For example, You cannot wear glitter or faux boas because these things can easily blow away and cover the desert in items that are impossible to clean.

Harsh Climate

If you are unfamiliar with desert climates it may shock you how cold it gets at night, even in the late summer. During the day temperatures are extremely hot as the sun barrels down onto the playa all day, but at night it gets very cold. It is important to note that the playa is on an elevated plateau. This simply means that the festival is 4,000ft above sea level making temperatures at night range from 50-30 degree weather. It is extreme and you must pack accordingly!


This is not a festival that embraces the boho chic look. Of course the festival encourages you to wear whatever you want so if bohemian is your thing wear it, however, this festival is about radical self expression. This means costumes are deeply encouraged. Think of it as walking living art. The more “out there” your outfit is the better. People dress up as Greek and Egyptian gods and goddesses, mythical creatures, animals, mermaids, and basically anything else you can think of. When packing for Burning Man consider bringing one creative costume to join in on the fun!

When rocking a costume it is important to practice cultural sensitivity. For years people used indigenous dress as a part of festival costumes. Do not bring Native American headdresses to the playa as part of your look.

Day Time Packing List

Most of your day time packing list will consist of things that will protect you from the harsh environment of the desert.

Firstly, you will need protective eyewear. Custom festival googles are super popular and highly recommended for Burning Man. Wind, dust, and lake settlement will get everywhere. It is important to keep your eyes safe from the elements. In addition to your fashion eyewear it is recommended to bring baby wipes and vinegar to wipe off your body everyday to remove as much dust as possible. Buildup on the skin leads to dry and cracked skin.

Secondly, you will need a scarf. A lightweight scarf will be your best friend in the desert. You can use it as face protection during the particularly windy weather. Place the scarf over your nose and mouth to breathe easily during the wind.

Thirdly, you will need some form of hat. You can have funky fashionable hats that are practical as well. You have to remember you will be in the desert with no shade. Do yourself a favor and pack a brimmed hat. Custom festival military hats as well as cowboy hats are very trendy. In addition to further your safety from the heat and sunshine you must bring sunscreen, a hydration pack, and recommend a paper parasol to provide yourself with some shade.

Night Time Packing List

As mentioned earlier in this article, temperatures drop significantly at night. First up you will need a jacket, one made with a hood. For Burning Man many people bring faux fur coats. They serve as a fashionable solution to the harsh weather. You should also bring a thermal sweat wicking long sleeve shirt. The combination of your long sleeve and your faux fur coat will make sure you stay warm during the nighttime festivities.

Secondly, you will need warm accessories. Pack a hat separate from your daytime headwear. Bringing a beanie will help keep you warm at night. Many people bring gloves and a warmer scarf for those extra cold nights!

Lastly, you will need to incorporate LED lights into your nighttime outfit. You must be able to be seen by other festival goers. You can wrap your jacket in LED wired lights or wear a headlamp. This is a safety precaution above all else hence its importance.

Stay Safe and Have Fun!

This year Burning Man will take place from August 28th- September 5th 2022. Make sure you have your tickets secured before arriving to the desert as you cannot purchase tickets at the entrance. Enjoy your stay at the ephemeral city and make some lifelong memories.