Wherever there’s money, there’s often great design. That’s why the Vatican looks so beautiful, and why Abu Dhabi and Dubai are able to build such incredible structures. Those are grand-scale designs, but on a smaller scale, there’s probably a place in your town or city that’s flush with money and thinking big with design. We are, of course, talking about your nearest casinos.

Casinos exist to part you from your money, but they also want to make you feel rich while you’re there. Not everyone can go to a physical casino, and when you can’t, the next best option is an online casino, such as https://onlinecasinopolis.de/7-euro-bonus-ohne-einzahlung/. If you feel like a high-roller, you’re more likely to spend big money – and the more you spend, the more the casino makes from your presence! Next time you’re in a casino, take your eyes off the tables for a moment and look up, and look all around yourself. Note how much attention to detail has been paid to every corner, every wall, and every feature. It will probably surprise you – and if it doesn’t, you’re in the wrong casino!

However stunning your nearest casino is, we expect that it won’t stand up well to the five we’re about to show you. These are simply the most beautiful casino buildings in the world. Casinos are under threat like never before from online slots websites, but you’d never know it if you paid a visit to any of these five examples. For all the benefits the great slot games might be able to offer you, there’s still a lot to be said for the opulence of standing in a building that was designed specifically to impress you. As good-looking and well-designed as some online slots websites are, here are five real-life casinos that they’ll never be able to touch.

Marina Bay Sands

There’s a tendency to believe that older is better when it comes to casino design, but that doesn’t always have to be the case. If you doubt us, just take one look at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, which has only been standing since 2010. As Israeli architect Moshe Safdie has gone on record as saying several times, the design and construction of this casino was his finest achievement, and probably always will be. It cost just under six billion dollars to complete the casino, which is apparently supposed to resemble a deck of cards (although we can’t see it). Even if it doesn’t quite look like what it’s supposed to look like it’s still a striking and unique piece of architecture, and one that’s more than worthy of its place on our list.

The Venetian (Macao)

Some people think that Macao is the Asian answer to Las Vegas. Some people go a step further than that and say that Macao has actually eclipsed Las Vegas, and should now be called the world’s true capital of gambling. We’re not sure we would go that far, but we certainly know a phenomenally well-put-together building when we see one. This is twice the size of the Venetian in Vegas, and none of that space is wasted. The games cover over 375,000 square feet inside the premises, but they’re really only half the story. If you ever visit this Venetian, the things you’ll remember when you leave – and still talk about years later – are the incredible indoor canals, and the gondolas you sat in as you traveled around them. It really does feel like someone brought Venice indoors, and it’s an astonishing architectural feat.

The Ritz Club

There should always be time for the classics, and things don’t come much more classic than the Ritz Club, right in the heart of the most affluent and exclusive area of London, England. Nobody asks for the price before they buy any drinks at the bar here. They’ll never need to worry about the cost. Many years ago, the casino floor was a vast ballroom, and the trappings of that elegant old room are still visible on the ceiling and all of the walls. There’s clearly been some modernization work performed over the past few decades, but we struggle to say what’s been done and when. That’s always a good sign that the work has remained faithful to the style of the original building. Never will you feel more like a millionaire than stood inside the Ritz. It’s just a shame that you’ll need a millionaire’s means to stay there for very long.

The Wynn

We couldn’t do a tour of the world’s most stunning casinos without at least one stop in Las Vegas, and so we won’t. There are a whole range of eye-catching casino buildings in Sin City, but if we had to choose just one of them, we’d have to go with the Wynn. This venue unashamedly caters only to those who’ve come to Vegas with the most money to spend. Ninety percent of the people on the strip wouldn’t be welcome here, and couldn’t afford to come in and join the party anyway. Everything you see at the Wynn is the work of Roger Thomas, who is perhaps unfairly better known for designing the Bellagio. Thomas has said that the byword he worked to when designing the Wynn was ‘grand,’ and it’s safe to say that he didn’t let anybody down with either his interpretation or execution of the concept.

Casino de Monte-Carlo

The idea that went into building Monte Carlo’s most famous casino is so obscenely absurd that it shouldn’t have worked – and yet somehow it did. Prince Florestan of Monaco was facing a severe national debt problem, and so as a solution, he decided to build the most opulent and impressive casino the world has ever seen. His theory that if he built a casino impressive enough, the well-heeled and ultra-rich gentry of England would come and play games in it. It was a maverick way of thinking for 1863, but he was right. His Belle Epoque masterpiece was a huge hit, and it remains so today. Even James Bond has visited this casino in the movie ‘Casino Royale,’ and it’s probably fair to call it the best-known and most-iconic casino on the face of the planet. Needless to say, Monaco is no longer in severe debt. Check out 918kiss for a great experience.