According to the U.S. Department of Energy,  three-quarters of American homes are outfitted with air conditioners. And rightly so — many of us have got to keep our cool as the hot summer months roll around each year. We’re all spending quite a bit of time at home these days, doing what we can to  be productive while working online and enjoying quality time with loved ones. Just as you design the perfect layout and decor for your space, your AC system should match your style and blend into your home’s carefully curated decor.

Matching Your Interior Design 

No matter the kind of AC system you choose for your home, there are ways to make sure it blends in with the aesthetic of its surroundings. You can start with making your system less noticeable in a room. If you have a window unit, try placing it in an out-of-the way spot, but don’t forget to surround it with design and decor elements. This can detract from the utilitarian appearance of the system. For the minimalist, there are sleekly designed units on the market that can make your AC appear to be a part of your modern design. These can cost a bit more, but are worth it if it saves you on other design workarounds.

Keep Your AC Under Wraps Outside

When it comes to concealing large outdoor AC systems, you have options. You can use teak wood to build a structure that will completely hide your system. Teak is consistently among the most  durable and beautiful types of wood, known for holding up well in outdoor elements. Teak is also one of the more expensive types of wood. A more budget-friendly option is to create a privacy wall around your unit using lattice or standard wooden fencing materials. If you create any kind of cover for the top of your AC system, make sure it is simple to open and close for maintenance.

Routine Maintenance Means Better AC Systems

According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America,  50 million Americans are affected by allergies each year. In addition to keeping you cool and blending in with your home’s decor, a good air conditioning unit works to keep your home free of the dust mites, dirt and pet hair that like to take up residence in your space. Routine AC maintenance can keep your unit running smoothly and quietly, which cuts down on the noise and dust stirred up in your space. Start by using the  best possible filters to keep your home free of allergens, and make sure to change them out regularly. Don’t forget to check on your concealed AC system, and be sure to have it professionally inspected each spring before the warm weather kicks in.
Whether you’re installing air conditioning in a new build or replacing your home’s outdated system, a bit of extra effort can help your AC blend in with your furniture and decor. The hottest part of the year is almost here, take steps now to ensure your family and your home’s aesthetic keep their cool all summer.