Need a fresh approach to multi-page posts? Theia slider is a powerful post navigational plugin for WordPress CMS which lets you display multi-page posts using content sliders. With this slider plugin your page navigation will have a fresh, crisp, modern look and feel. So check out our Theia slider review and try out this impressive WordPress plugin on your own blog.

One of the most epic reasons to use the Theia slider plugin is for mazimizing revenue from your content. Significantly if you have great content but it is really lengthy, then splitting up the content into shorter sections drives additional pageviews, reduces page load time and consequently delivers more incremental revenue from the same user.

When all is said and done creating good sticky and highly engaging content costs time, intellect and human resources. The Theia slider plugin increases the tangible ROI from this valuable content in the form of more impressions per user.

More impressions will drive increased clicks and CPM revenues. Using Theia slider in this manner just makes absolute sense, particularly on gallery style posts. This does not mean I would recommend that you use Theia on every post, just those long posts and visual posts that call for it.

Incidentally do not confuse navigational slider plugins like Theia with the home page sliders that come prepackaged with many popular WordPress themes. While the concept is similar the usage for these sliders is a world apart. On with the Theia slider plugin review.

Theia Post Slider Review

Theia Post Slider WordPress Plugin Review

Theia Post Slider WordPress Plugin Review

The Theia slider plugin for WordPress is an excellent choice for changing the navigation of your website and installing the plugin for the first time is a simple process. In fact the Theia WordPress plugin also has a live preview mode which lets you have a quick peek of how your posts will look like before publishing it. The plugin is presently available on CodeCanyon.

Theia users will discover that the Theia slider plugin for WordPress has CSS support which can let you customize the visual look and feel. There is an optional carousel addon also which allows small graphical sliders to be added into the post at various places.

Why DesignBump Uses Theia

DesignBump presently uses Theia slider plugin for WordPress alongside the Bimber theme with a few modifications. This is an excellent WordPress theme that actually has inbuilt support for navigational sliders via the <!–nextpage–> tag. This support is built into the theme so you might be wondering why we do not use that?

The reason is that Theia in my opinion is better by a mile, while we run it as a plugin the Theia navigational slider does come prepackaged with a number of themes for maximum compatibility. I have run Theia on Bimber and Newspaper themes with no issues whatsoever.

It is a stable, well supported plugin that is incredibly powerful. Not every page on our site uses it, simply put certain pages suit sliders more appropriately than others. The sort of posts that benefit are those that contain a lot of images, those that are viral in nature and so forth.

Prepackaged Themes

Theia slider is available to purchase as a standalone plugin for WordPress. It stands to reason that if you already have a great theme you won’t want to replace it just for a plugin. However if you are presently in the market for a new WordPress theme and you would like to try a theme that has Theia slider plugin fully integrated then I recommend the NewsMag WordPress theme.

This is a great value package for starting a new project. Not only do you gain a great WordPress theme but it also comes prepackaged with the truly awesome Theia slider plugin, its a no brainer.

Theia Slider Demo

Don’t just take my word for it. Explore out a few live posts on DesignBump that use the Theia WordPress slider to maximum effect right now. Then checkout the same posts on your mobile or vice versa.

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Theia WordPress Plugin Demo

Theia WordPress Plugin Demo : See the slider in daily use across gallery posts on DesignBump

Using a navigation slider plugin such as Theia for WordPress to break up long posts and to add value and better engagement is a design technique that I definitely recommend. Theia is perfect for integrating on a rich content web site.

You will generate a higher pageview count as your long posts are broken up and they become much more engaging to your audience. Your audience will hang around for longer and view more content than before. To quote the Theia WordPress plugin authors,

Our one-of-a-kind Theia Post Slider for WordPress transforms your multi-page posts into slideshows, making them much more engaging and easier to browse. It works out-of-the-box without editing your existing posts and it’s compatible with any WordPress theme.

How Theia Slider Works

This plugin feature set infographic explains ‘at a glance’ how the Theia slider plugin will function on your blog. It details the main features that WordPress site owners will enjoy when using the plugin to enhance their content.

How the Theia Slider WordPress Plugin Works

How the Theia Slider WordPress Plugin Works

Adding the plugin to your WordPress installation is a standard process via the install plugin interface. The plugin is fast loading and SEO optimized. Theia slider plugin also comes with a wide variety of preset themes and styles. So you can perfectly match the color scheme and CSS style of your site and content.

Further more the plugin is mobile responsive and will work seamlessly on mobile devices such as iPhones and various tablets.

Theia Slider Features

Theia WordPress Plugin Feature List

Theia Slider WordPress Plugin Feature List

This is not an exhaustive list, rather it identifies the main features of the Theia slider plugin. More detail and additional demos are available on the developer web site.

  • Works out-of-the-box with all of your existing posts.
  • Slides are efficiently loaded using AJAX and preloading techniques.
  • SEO optimized. Keeps the same URLs as before.
  • You can add headers, footers and titles for each slide/page.
  • Works with any WordPress theme.
  • 25+ slider themes you can choose from. Edit the buttons or create your own using CSS.
  • 4 transition effects: Slide, Fade, Basic and None
  • An admin page with a Live Preview to easily customize your WordPress slider.
  • Keyboard shortcuts (left and right arrows).
  • Degrades gracefully for visitors without JavaScript.
  • API for developers wishing to extend functionality.
  • Optionally allow jumping to the previous or next post.
  • Can be enabled on a post-by-post basis.
  • Compatible with the most popular SEO and Cache WordPress plugins.
  • Page views for each slide are tracked in Google Analytics or Piwik (if available).
  • Quick updates directly from your admin panel.

DesignBump Opinion

The Theia WordPress plugin is a premium product and as such is not free. However in my considered opinion it will pay for itself in extra pageviews and revenue in a short time on any high traffic site.

Additionally your pages will become more engaging and sticky for your audience. Helping to increase the reputation of your site. Theia Slider will reduce bounce rates and improve the rate of return visitors.

Pro Tip for Theia Plugin Users

So you should be considering giving this WordPress plugin a whirl. If you do and you have a high traffic blog with Google Analytics history I suggest this pro tip. Group all your posts by traffic volume and consider what style of post they are.

Posts with high organic traction are ripe for converting. This is perhaps the best way to test the improvements in page views and revenue after splitting up a post for very little effort. If you like what you see after deploying the Theia slider then you will know that this implementation strategy is worthy of expanding with new content for your blog.

In summary the Theia slider plugin offers easy installation and a host of intuitive display options for integrating slider style navigation into WordPress posts. The plugin is compatible out the box with nearly all themes and is mobile responsive. Support for the plugin is timely on the odd occasion that something misbehaves as long as your Envato license is still valid.

Theia Slider Rating

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