Instagram Star

Instagram is all the new rage, especially because if you have an intriguing account with many followers, you can turn it into a business. New Instagram celebrities seem to be popping up daily, including a character you wouldn’t expect. That’s right, the grim reaper has taken over Instagram and the pictures are priceless.

Beach Days

You wouldn’t expect Death to love the beach, but apparently, it’s the perfect spot to wait for his next unlucky victims. However, we’re not so sure how well that umbrella works to shade the sun. It also doesn’t look like too many people are keen on hanging out with good ol’ Grim here.

It turns out, he’s taking over a New Zeland beach to educate people on the dangers of swimming. His nickname will crack you up.

Taken By The Hand

It looks as if Grim here found a friend. I’m not so sure if I would jump into the ocean within, however, doesn’t seem like the best ending. Although we have to say, he really makes the colors in the ocean pop.

Due to his love of the beach, he received the nickname the “Swim Reaper”. The pictures just get better and better, trust us.

The Swim Reaper

If you ever get the chance to see the Swim Reaper, just know that he’s always down for some water sports. He is regularly pictured with surfboard, floaties, and even loves to play volleyball. Not to mention, he’s a very friendly guy.

But apparently, there is more to this character than meets the eye.

Water Safety

This isn’t just any old guy dressed up as the Grim Reaper to get a couple likes on Instagram, it’s actually a campaign with a really great purpose. The campaign and the account were set up by Water Safety New Zealand, an organization based in Wellington.

With young men 15-30 making up almost 1/3 of all fatal accidents in New Zealand, despite only making up 14% of the population.

Even Death Has Instagram

The campaign has been widely successful, gaining everyone’s attention in New Zealand, and around the world. The Instagram account linked to this campaign has nearly 94,000 followers and has some pretty awesome taglines associated with the photos.

Marketing Genius

The goal is to reach as many young men as possible and their marketing team has taken some new wave approaches. Catching attention with taglines like,“Swim dumb and you’re done”, their simple yet genius technique is making a splash. There is no better way to discuss grim topics such as accidental drownings than with comedy.

Jonty Mills

The CEO of Water Safety New Zealand, Jonty Mills, made a statement regarding the fatalities, “A lot of these drownings [of young men] are what we would describe as preventable fatalities. Lives would be saved if young males simply made smarter decisions around water.”


The Swim Reaper is also warning people to watch out when they’re diving at their favorite swimming holes. He’s not just warning people, he’s doing it with humor every time.


Apparently, the Swim Reaper loves pets, too. Or he loves to use them. The picture is captioned, “Got me some human bait, I’m off to throw this in a rip. Who wants to play fetch?”

Beach Beverage

Here is a lovely picture of him enjoying a nice crisp refreshing beverage on the beach. This one is captioned, “If you like Pina Coladas…and getting caught in a rip… #seewhatididthere”. For those of you who don’t get this, go listen to the song “Escape” by Rupert Holmes.

You’re probably wondering what the Swim Reaper’s favorite food is…

Beach Treats

You guessed itbubblegum ice cream. His finger bones look dashing in this photo, we have to say. If only he had a little finger polish to go with it.

Swim Reaper likes to draw in the sand just like the rest of us, and the saying he chose is quite ironic.

Words To Live By

It’s pretty hysterical that Death himself chose these words to write in the sand. Although they’re not the words he likes to live by, he knows how to say just the right thing to get people to like him.

The irony just gets better and better.

Beach Tunes

If you happen to catch a glimpse of the Swim Reaper at the beach, don’t worry, he just wants to serenade you. This one is titled, “Waiting on some screwups at the river. Anyone know stairway into heaven?”

The next image is hilarious because he is suggesting swimmers do something that is obviously not a good idea. Even more proof he’s saving people with jokes.

Swim Trunks

If this one slipped right past you, then you’re probably dead because by no means should you swim in jeans. When the material gets wet it’ll weigh you downhence the comedic relief. Just another day on the job as Swim Reaper/lifeguard.