20. Double-Sided


It’s always great when you can discover ways to make life easier. But I bet you didn’t expect these life hacks to include some of the most common household items. Take your house sold double colored eraser. For decoration? Think again. The two different colors are actually to differentiate between pen and pencil eraser sides. There are many more items on this list that you already have that can change your life.

19. Keeping Your Shirts Fresh


Everyone loves a good dress shirt, its a daily staple for those who may work an office job. But what many don’t know is that the tiny button on the collar isn’t just for decoration but for keeping the collar folded in place.

This next printing hack can save you hundreds a year.

18. Save Your Cartridge, Save That Money!


Many of us dread the moment when our computer alerts us to an empty printer ink cartridge. However, there is a hack to make your cartridges last you a little bit longer and it will save you some money. Using a paper clip you can reset your cartridge to trick your computer and it will use the rest of the ink that’s in the cartridge till it’s fully out of ink.

Ever get blisters from your favorite shoe?

17. Blister Busters


Blisters be gone! Bandaids are not just for cuts and bug bites. They also work great for fending off blisters while breaking in your favorite new pair of shoes.

Cooking can be exhausting, especially when you’re doing a million things and the water starts to boil over, making a frightening sound. Don’t worry, we have a solution.

16. A Watched Pot Never Boils?


We all know the struggle of trying to boil something and multitask at the same time. The worries of having your pot of boiling water bubbling over, however, are no more with this quick hack. Placing a wooden spoon on the top of your pot of water will stop the bubbles from growing and thus the water level won’t grow over the top of the pot.
The next hack can give you TONS more closet space.

15. Saving Space


Limited closet space got you down? Save your closet space by saving the tabs to your soda cans. You can double up your hangers with these handy little metal loops.

Figuring out the right amount of pasta to cook can be difficult, which is why you’ll thank us for this next tip.

14. The Perfect Amount


We all know how delicious pasta can be, but getting the correct portion size can be a little bit tricky. Unknown to many, the stirring spoons they sell for pasta actually have the perfect sized hole in the middle not just to drain the hot water off the noodles but to portion out your dry spaghetti as well. Who knew!

Have you ever noticed those tiny holes on airplane windows?

13. The Secret Behind Those Holes


Ever been on an airplane and noticed all the little holes in the windows? Turns out those little pin sized holes play a big role in regulating the cabin air pressure.

Do you know what those tiny pockets on jeans are for?

12. Purposeless Pockets? Think Again


Anyone who’s owned a pair of jeans has probably wondered why there is a mini pocket stitched into the front pockets of the jeans. It’s too small to fit most things so is it just for aesthetics? Nope. It’s for your pocket change and condoms! Never fumble around for those pesky little pennies again.

Although plastic straws are bad for the environment, hemp-based straws can help improve your carbonated beverage.

11. Straw Saver


Love carbonated beverages but hate it when the bubbles push your straw out of your drink? Well, the soda tabs on the can are meant for more than just opening your fizzy beverage. They are the perfect size to keep that pesky straw in place!

Next time you think your sweater is at the end of its life, think again.

10. Double Uses


What do you do with those dulled down disposable razors? They might be too dull to shave with but they are perfect for grabbing those little fuzz balls off of all your sweaters and coats. Never fret over those pesky dryer frizzies again!

You may have been using your bobby-pins wrong this whole time.

9. Bobby Pin Confusion


Every woman knows the importance of a good bobby pin. However, you might be wearing yours incorrectly. The ridges on the pin are not just for looks but for keeping the hair in place.

Another cooking hack that is a lifesaver is just around the corner.

8. Pasta Hacks


It turns out the hole in the handle of your pots and pans works perfectly to prevent saucy countertops. Not to mention, it’s way easier and cleaner than using a regular old spoon rest. Saves time and money.

I bet you didn’t know that your favorite mouth freshener has a special secret.

7. Tic Tac’s Secret


Tic Tacs always stand out as those flavorful mints in those playful little containers. But those containers actually have more use than just display. The lid of the container is actually meant to dispense your Tic Tacs perfectly one by one. No more messy handfuls of mints this time around!

6. Your Soda’s Secret


Those lids you get with your soda or ice tea are not just for keeping your drink from spilling all over your car. They make the perfect sized coaster for your drink so you can enjoy your soda and save your dining room table too!

Next time you don’t have time to wait for the elevator, try this trick.

5. Elevator Hacks


Want to reach your floor faster without delay? Then hold the “door close” button down and hold the floor number you’d like to get to. The elevator will go straight to that floor without making any stops along the way. This is usually used by emergency personnel but can also be utilized in any urgent situation you might have.

If your earbuds always fall out, then this next solution is perfect for you.

4. Earbud Answers


Tired of those pesky earbuds popping out at the gym? Turns out you might be wearing them the wrong way. If you wrap your earbud around your ear, its less likely to come undone and you can enjoy your music in peace.

3. Keeping Bread Fresh, and Chords Untangled


Those bread clips always seem to be floating around the house but they actually hold a great purpose aside from keeping your baked good fresh. These clips are great for keeping your various electrical chords separated, untangled, and labeled.

2. Panini Problems No More!


Don’t have a panini press but craving a grilled cheese? Your household toaster is much more than just a toaster. Turning it on its side you can now toast your bread and melt your cheese all in one.

1. Old Meets New


Casset tapes may not be sued as often as they once were, but their cases actually have many uses along with working as the perfect stand for your iPhone or iPod. The perfect combo of old and new.