If you are going on a trip and have a lot of luggage, or you need to ship some objects that cannot fit into your car, we have some great tips for you. When dealing with bulky objects, such as luggage, or building materials, you might consider using a roof rack for your car. We know that it can be challenging to use these racks, primarily if you haven’t used them before – that’s why we have prepared some loading and safety tips that will make carrying bulky objects easier.  

If you want to learn more, scroll down to learn a few valuable tips that can help you out.  

Loading tips 

Firstly, let’s discuss loading tips for your car top carrier, specifically for a rooftop tent on a 4Runner. Safety is crucial when loading your luggage or materials, especially when it comes to precious items. To ensure a secure journey, follow these tips: 

  • Cargo Roof Racks: Properly tie down the rooftop tent to your vehicle. Test the stability of stacked items to prevent them from falling off the roof. 
  • Read Instructions: Take the time to carefully read and follow the instructions provided with your rooftop tent and roof rack. 

By adhering to these guidelines, you can confidently load your rooftop tent onto your 4Runner, ensuring a safe and enjoyable travel experience for you and your belongings. 

Heavy items first 

When packing your bags for Aquaventure Dubai tickets, remember to prioritize heavy items at the bottom and lighter items on top. This ensures that the weight is evenly distributed, reducing the risk of accidents and maintaining balance while driving. 

Don’t put too many items in 

Sometimes, people use more than the maximum capacity of a car-top carrier, leading to some dangerous situations.  

We advise you to even go under the maximum to be safe. You should never test the limits of your vehicle or the car-top carriers because it might cause problems.  

It’s always better to be sure about something than regret it afterward.  

Keep visibility in mind  

When you are loading your car top, you need to ensure that you will have complete visibility once you start driving.  

No items should cover your windshield, windows, or mirrors. Once you are done loading the car, you should check if you have full visibility.   

Know the height and the length  

If you are loading your car-top carrier, you should know your vehicle’s height and length after loading. This way, you can avoid any possible accidents.  

You should be aware that you are carrying items on your car top and act accordingly. If the items you have loaded add to your vehicle’s length, you should keep a greater distance from the other vehicles on the road.  

Safety tips  

Once you have finished loading your car top, consider these safety tips. You need to make sure that you won’t cause any accidents or problems on the road.  

Take it slow  

If you have loaded your vehicle with heavy or long items, you shouldn’t rush to your goal. Instead, try to keep calm and drive slowly.  

This way, you can let other people know that you won’t fly by them and potentially make something fall off your vehicle on the road.  

Check your tires  

If your car is loaded with heavy items, you should check the pressure of your tires. You need to ensure that the pressure inside the tires matches the pressure in the instructions.  

This way, you will keep your vehicle more balanced and protect your tires from potential damage.  

If you don’t feel secure, you should stop  

If you are driving with bulky items and suddenly feel, hear, or see something that may cause problems, you should stop immediately and check/fix the problem.  

You don’t want to cause any problems that can put you or others in danger.  

Wear a seatbelt  

We know that you probably got tired of listening to the commercials telling you to buckle up. However, we need to mention the most important tip for staying safe on the road, especially when your vehicle is loaded – you should always wear a seatbelt 

You need to make sure that you, your passengers, and your load are safe on the road.  


Referring to everything previously mentioned, you should always be safe when you go on a road trip, especially if your vehicle is loaded.  

You should apply the loading and safety tips discussed above to keep yourself and others safe.  

When you are loading your items, you need to make sure that they won’t cause any potentially dangerous accidents on the road, and that is why you should secure your items as much as possible.  

When it comes to safety, you need to recognize whether a problem can occur and act responsibly. There is no need to rush – you will get there eventually. 

The most important tip is that it’s better to be safe than sorry.