Our homes get smarter from year to year. The concept of a smart home includes a variety of appliances and devices that make our everyday life more comfortable. If your home is packed with intelligent gadgets, you need a single hub to control and manage the entire network. This issue is often solved by smart home app development. Modern mobile apps offer a variety of cool features for remote monitoring, control, and adjusting smart home devices – from air humidifiers to smart TVs. Let’s have a closer look at some of them.

Top Apps for Smart TVs

If you like watching TV, you can make this process really comfortable with a special app. Here are two examples of applications that give you full control over your home media systems.

Simple Control One

This free application lets you remotely control up to 25 devices connected to the home Wi-Fi network. You can check and adjust your devices, such as TVs, Blu-Ray players, acoustic systems, and others right on the screen of your phone. Besides, the app includes some useful content, such as manuals for popular TV and DVD models.


This is an AI-based mobile app with the feature of voice helper. It understands numerous commands and helps you find or record the needed content at your request. Also, it has a Live TV feature, which lets you watch what you like in any corner of the world. Works both on iOS and Android.

Top Apps for Home Security Systems

Smart security systems are all the rage these days. Special apps make them easier to use and control.

Withings Home

The app is synchronized with home cameras by Withings, creating a reliable surveillance system. Its main features are remote baby control with a smart Lulla Light and Music function, video streaming (with sound), and video recording. Additionally, you can adjust notifications about air pollution.


This application is a part of the Alarm security system. It works in combination with surveillance cameras installed inside and around your home. With the help of the system, you can see what’s happening at home from any country in the world. Also, it allows you to control energy consumption and informs of various events that take place while you are away.

Top Apps for Convenience

Why not make your home the most comfortable place in the world? Here are the top-6 apps for this.


Working in a tandem with the Nest thermostat and Nest protection system, this simple app lets you control the temperature at home remotely and see what’s going on when you are away. IT also will notify about air pollution with smoke.


This is an extremely versatile free open-source app, which can be synchronized with a variety of objects with the help of special sensors. It helps you control almost everything – from a dishwasher to a garage door remotely. Also, it can stream video and notify about gas leakage.

Control4 MyHome

Control4 app is a part of the Control4 home management system. It allows hassle-free remote control of multiple systems and devices. Additionally, it can be used for audio/video streaming. The system can be connected via Wi-Fi, as well as 3G or 4G standards.


This free app is simple but rich in features. It is compatible with an array of third-party products, such as Nest thermostats, Amazon Echo, or Google Home systems. WeMo lets you control the whole home system remotely and has a hands-free mode. A nice thing is the possibility of scheduling events with the help of the app.


Robomow is a system for a remote lawn mower control via Bluetooth. With the help of the app, you can adjust various parameters, including the lawn size and shape. Also, you can use it to make a schedule of mowing.

Philips Hue

The last but not the least is a smart app for adjusting the tone of lighting. Choose brighter or softer lighting depending on your mood. The app is free and available for both Android and iOS.

Smart homes require smart management. We’ve reviewed just ten smart apps that can make your life a bit easier and more comfortable. But the opportunities I this rapidly growing sector are almost unlimited, so you may want to create your own app one day.

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Vitaly Kuprenko is a writer for Cleveroad. It’s a web and mobile app development company with headquarters in Ukraine. He enjoys writing about technology and digital marketing.