PDFs have made life easier as people can share documents and communicate effectively and quickly. There is no more carrying piles and piles of paper around. PDFs are super easy to create, which makes them so popular.

PDF file format is a file format designed by Adobe to help present documents, including images and text formatting. PDF files include various information other than graphics and flat text, including interactive elements and logical structuring elements.

PDF submission is when you submit a PDF file on a website for SEO purposes, this is to get a backlink for your website or drive traffic to your website. PDF submission is essential because it will give your website traffic. It will allow your website ranking to be boosted up. It will give your website nofollow, and dofollow backlinks, and your content will most likely get more exposure.

Most publishers will always prefer authors to send in their work in PDF. The reasons why you should always send your work in PDF include:

Reduced File Size

You might try sending a file, but the file will not be delivered due to the size being too big. PDFs are easily compressible, which means that you can quickly reduce the file size to meet the email provider’s requirements.

You might hit a snag when trying to send a PDF file with images, as the image quality would be reduced when you compress the file. When submitting a PDF file with no images, the text will remain intact. File compression is perfect for PDF files with no images.

Secure and Safe File Sharing

You can’t modify a PDF file without leaving an electronic footprint. Modifications made on a PDF file can easily be identified and registered, making them the most reliable and secure means of exchanging or distributing electronic documents.

Both the publisher and author will be protected. The author’s work won’t be modified, and the publisher won’t be accused of altering the author’s work.

Preserves the Formatting

An original PDF will stay intact even after printing. Everything, images, fonts, margins, and layout, will remain intact even after the PDF has been sent to the publisher, meaning you won’t have to be worried about the end product.

For publishers who demand print-ready files, then sending them PDFs is ideal. The publishers will generally provide the guidelines for the print-ready files. Some of the criteria to be included in the document are resolution, document size, and margin size.

Adobe Acrobat is the most preferred tool when it comes to PDF editing and viewing. Adobe Acrobat allows you to edit PDFs fast, and you can also add comments from anywhere.

PDFs have proven to make work easier for publishers, so they will always prefer getting the author’s submission in PDF format. PDFs will always come in handy, and they will most likely save the manuscript’s original appearance, which is ideal for both parties.