Have you ever thought about how many business cards you receive in a single working day and how many of them you go through properly? Yes, the final destination for most of them is garbage. But it’s a fact that the business owner paid some bucks for producing that single card which you have thrown away. You know, an interesting statistic about business cards is there. Every 2000 business cards can increase a farm’s sales by 2.9%. So, it can be imagined how fruitful it is for a company’s profit.

Now, face the very important question, why one should keep your card in his wallet? The obvious answer is the necessity! But, apart from this, LOOK is another vital matter. The beautifully designed metal business cards are very much accepted rather than a hard paper cards. So, here we reveal the design trends of the top 5 metal business cards which will flash in 2020.

1. Make people feel the essence of your business with Rose gold business card

The elegant rose gold metal business card is perfectly designed to add luxury to your brand. The antique cardstock is featured with shine and manufactured by the stainless steel. Non-bleed and the edge cutting design along with spot colour offers the appealing look to the card. If you are looking for the membership card and visiting business card then this is the best go for you.

If you want Business cards are very crucial for branding as they help the marketer to beat the competition. The cards are not only meant for contact details such as email address, phone number and website address but the well-designed cards speak in the favor of the business.

Regardless of the small size, a free business card plays an important role in the development of your small business. In the word of advancement and technology, business card are irreplaceable. Most of the well-developed company officials keep the card along with them and hand over the card to the potential client while shaking hands.

There are some design and pattern that provide you with the chance to enhance your business artistically. Business cards are a major part of branding as the design includes major aspects such as colour, typeface, image, space and logo, etc. Cards are designed as handy to endorse business during a seminar, trade fair, or a business meeting.

2. Sparkle up your business like gold with 24K Gold metal business card

These 24K gold metal business cards are gilded with the gold at outside which offers it a stunning look. Some portion of the surface is made by the silver and inside is plated with high-quality copper. The full custom shaped card is 86*54mm in size and the weight is 10 to 15g. Apart from this, some other metal cards are offered at a very reasonable price.

3. Boost up your business with Matt black metal business card

Featured with perfect design and pattern, this black metal business card offers you a chance to enhance your business creatively. The below mentioned are some of the features and the design patterns used to make elegant and business-boosting cards.

The thickness of the card is amazingly precised. It’s only of 500 microns thick which will give the clients such an experience which they never felt before.

The laser etching and surface etching makes the design more luxurious.

4. Open up your network with Beer Opener Steel business cards

Open up your network with these elegant open bottles steel business card. These cards are so well designed that they will give an instant hit to your business. Along with the sleek and trendy design the cards are functional, which means that your clients and friends will use them for a long time.

All the designing, custom shapes and cut-outs are included in the price! That card has some generalised dimensions which are the standard designed. These designs and dimensions are changed according to the client requirement and budget.

5. Reflect your success with Mirror metal business card

Mirror metal business card includes the mirror finishing in the metal surface, which makes the card highly polish and reflective look. This finishing is only done on some of the cards including stainless steel, rose gold, gold, and premium metal.

Inscription of the mirror on the card offers the matte appearance. In nutshell, mirror finishing is a stylish addition to the metal cards. The right design and the dimension are really important while choosing the business card, as a business card is the first impression of the business. The standard dimension is mentioned below but it can change according to the requirement.

  • 85mm x 54mm (3.3” x 2.2”) – credit card size
  • 89mm × 51mm (3.5” x 2.0”)- USA and Canada size

The metal business card and membership card is a great way to expand your business as they convert the normal boring marketing into an exciting and creative one. These cards are offered in very sleek, trendy designs at a very reasonable price. So if you want to enhance your business can go for those cards.