Traffic collisions are usually caused by human error. These accidents have inflicted suffering into the lives of thousands of people. From suffering injuries to economic losses, car accidents can negatively impact the community. That’s why drivers and all road users alike should be sensitized about these accidents and how to prevent them. For instance, it’s important for all road users to strictly follow the traffic rules. Here are the top causes of accidents and the best strategies to prevent them.

What to Do After an Accident

Remain calm. Call the police to inspect the accident scene. Be sure to collect all the relevant evidence. Consider taking photos. Also, don’t admit liability at the scene of the accident. Doing so can hurt your case. Seek immediate medical attention from a good hospital. Take all the medications. Inform your lawyer about the accident. If you don’t have one, research. Chose a lawyer you can trust. Select a reputable lawyer. Choose a lawyer with a track record. Don’t hire a lawyer with negative reviews. Having a competent Car Accident Law Firm will positively impact your case.

Over Speeding

According to drivers, speed can be good. It saves time. It helps you get to your destination faster. Still more, speed enables you to attend to numerous functions in a short time. However, speed can kill. It can lead to accidents. Thus, if you can, avoid overspeeding. Stick to the recommended speed. Obey speed limits. Start your journey early. Organize your daily activities well.

Driving While Drunk

You cannot drink and drive. According to the stats, alcohol has caused millions of accidents in the United States of America. Plus, drunk driving-related accidents tend to be extremely fatal. Thus, avoid driving under the influence of alcohol. Instead, hire a taxi. You can also ask a colleague, family member, or even a friend to drive you home. Stay safe and avoid drunk driving.

Reckless Driving

There are various forms of reckless driving. From over speeding, aggressiveness on the road, to swiftly changing road lanes, reckless driving comes in various forms. Still more, reckless driving can cause fatal accidents. For instance, if you change lanes too swiftly, you may end up hitting approaching cars. This can cause needless accidents. Thus, consider staying calm while on the road. Don’t act aggressively. Embrace a high level of discipline while on the road. Obey all road signs.

Distracted Driving

If you love your love avoid distracted driving. Don’t text while on the wheel. Avoid eating food while driving. Remember, driving requires full focus. Thus, indulging in things like texting, eating, and reading can be dangerous. It can cause accidents. There are several strategies you can adopt and avoid distracted driving as explained to us by Money Expert Car Insurance. For insurance, finishing all the eating at home before getting into your car can avoid distracted driving. Make your calls at home. Makeup applications should be done at home. This will enable you to have full focus while on the road.

Rain and Poor Weather

Sometimes, you have to drive in the rain. However, if you find that the road condition is extremely treacherous, avoid getting on the wheel. Also, never drive when the visibility is poor. It can cause unnecessary accidents. Still more, if you feel that the road is sliding, stop. Wait until the rain subsides before hitting the road. A little patience can prevent accidents. Don’t drive during the storm.

Red Lights

Not obeying simple traffic lights can cause auto accidents. Plus, it’s against the law to disobey traffic lights. It can lead to heavy traffic-related fines. So, obey all the traffic lights. When the traffic lights display red, simply stop. You can only proceed if the lights are green. If you are on a tight schedule, plan ahead. Avoid doing things during rush hour. Plus, your life is more important than anything else. So, don’t allow the lack of time to lead to car accidents.

Night Driving

Night driving is usually characterized by poor visibility. Seeing objects, obstacles, incoming cars, or animals can be challenging at night. Worse still, if you have visual-related issues, night driving can be tricky. So, avoid driving at night. Only stick to daytime driving. Organize your journey to fit into your daytime schedule to avoid night driving-related accidents.

Defective Car Parts

Driving road unworthy car can lead to accidents. For instance, if the gearbox is defective, changing gears can be an issue. This can lead to accidents. That’s why you are advised to take your car for servicing from time to time. Before embarking on a long journey, ensure that all the parts are in good shape. Check the tires. Ensure that the lights are working. Test the brakes.

Irresponsible Teens

If you are a parent, don’t allow underage kids to drive. Also, discourage the teens from hitting the road because they don’t possess the necessary experience to drive. They should gather enough experience before driving. According to experts, teens tend to get over-excited while on the road. Plus, they are notorious for making impaired decisions while on the road. Still more, most of them drive to show off. That’s not all, teens can drive under the influence of alcohol. So, advise your boys and girls about the dangers of driving without experience. Encourage them to have sufficient evidence before getting to the road.

Carelessly Changing Road Changes

If you fail to make proper lane changes, you might end up causing a needless car accident. So, always be sure to utilize your turn signal appropriately. Plus, you should be watchful of blind spots. Doing this will go a long way in ensuring that you safely proceed to the next lane.

Driving on The Wrong Lane

When driving, you should always be careful. Don’t let your instincts mislead you. Focus your thoughts on the road. Otherwise, you might end up making deadly mistakes. When you go the wrong way, you’ll also endanger other people’s lives.

Making Improper Turns

Don’t be tempted to ignore the traffic rules. There’s a reason why they were devised. Make sure that you observe all road signs, including stoplights, lanes, as well as, turn signals. To prevent road accidents, always be watchful of important signs and stick to the right way.


Most drivers are impatient. They drive close to other cars and tailgate other drivers at high speeds. And this has significantly increased the number of road accidents. To avoid unnecessary car accidents, it’s always advisable to maintain a one-car-length distance from the vehicle in front.


Drunk driving is extremely dangerous. Drugs can impair your judgment. And this can negatively impact your ability to function well as a driver. Not having complete control over your mind and body can land you in serious trouble.


Another common cause of car accidents is black ice. When driving in the dark, you might accidentally hit black ice. And this is particularly true if you’re moving at high speeds. Ice is a major contributor to road accidents in areas with cold-weather climates.

Road Rage

As a driver, you shouldn’t let your anger overcome you. By speeding past another motorist only to lead the way, you might cause a needless car accident. So, always be calm. Don’t try to prove your bravery or expertise when you’re behind the wheel.

Potholes on The Road

Driving in a street with too many potholes can be extremely hazardous. You can lose control of your car or even blow out a tire. Thus, if you notice a pothole in your vehicle’s path, try avoiding it. Make sure that your car tires don’t drive over the potholes.

Drowsy Driving

Are you feeling tired or sleepy? If so, get some rest. Driving a car in this state can be very dangerous. Most accidents occur as a result of drowsy driving. If you’re fatigued, pack your car somewhere safe and take a quick thirty-minute power nap.

Tire Blowouts

Tire blowouts can be distractive. They can make you lose control while driving. They’re particularly dangerous for trucks and semi-trucks. If you encounter a tire blowout, do everything you can to maintain control of the vehicle. Then, pull over safely to avoid a serious accident.

Excessive Fog

Although fog isn’t a common weather occurrence, it’s always good to be watchful of its effects. Driving is a skill that requires you to be visually upright. However, fog sometimes makes it hard to see. When driving under such conditions, be sure to use your headlights.

Not Paying Attention to Deadly Curves

Always be keen when approaching curves. Most drivers have lost complete control of their cars when driving along curves. And this has claimed the lives of many. Therefore, when approaching these signs, maintain a reasonable speed and drive cautiously. Animals

You might be conversant with the roadway rules, but wild animals don’t usually undergo driver’s training. They’ll wade into the street however they want, and it’s your responsibility to ensure that they don’t push you into a car accident. Be watchful of animal crossing signs and utilize your high beams when traversing rural or woody areas.

Inability to Identify Danger

There are several types of dangers on the road. From strong winds to potholes, it’s important to recognize these dangers and respond accordingly. Plus, poor planning is the leading cause for failing to recognize dangers. For instance, if you have limited time to arrive at your destination, you will take risks. This involves ignoring dangers like animal crossing, pumps, curved corners, rain, and snow. This can lead to car accidents.

Improper Thinking

In most cases, improper thinking directly leads to reckless driving. For instance, some drivers believe that they can violate traffic rules and get unpunished. Rushing can put other road users in danger. For instance, you may put pedestrians in danger and lead to accidents. Also, respect all road users. From pedestrians, motorcyclists, to other drivers, everyone has a right on the road.

Wrong Driving Behaviors

Bad habits can lead to car accidents. Change your driving habits. Time the gears properly. Use the right gear while driving. Avoid applying instant braking carelessly. These poor driving habits can cause serious car accidents.

Prevent Auto Accidents with These Tips and Tricks

Of course, traffic accidents can occur to anyone. However, most of them are preventable. All you need is the care and a few strategies. Here are some of the surest ways of preventing these accidents:

Follow Traffic Regulations

Strict compliance to traffic always is one of the surest ways of preventing traffic-related accidents. Not abiding by these rules can lead to unsafe driving. Stay in your lane. Don’t overtake recklessly. Obey all the traffic lights. Use hazards appropriately. Consider obeying speed limits.

Avoid Sudden Moves

Speed can cause your car to take any direction, especially if it encounters an obstacle. Thus, avoid over speeding and applying instant brakes. Enter a road carefully. Stop first, observe the traffic, before entering a road. It will prevent unnecessary accidents.

No Speeding

Allow sufficient distance between your car and the one in front. Don’t speed. Speeding will give you hard time reacting, especially if you encounter an obstacle. Still more, if you are driving at night, speeding can be fatal. In a nutshell, driving at the right speed.

Indicate the Direction Correctly

Indicate the direction your car is taking whenever you are on the road. Use the car hazards appropriately. They inform the incoming driver of your intention to take a certain direction.

You Should Always Anticipate Danger

Be alert. Always expect danger. Thus, you must be fully focused on the road. Don’t lose focus. Embrace a high level of road discipline and patience. Patience is important. The same applies to discipline. If you want to arrive early, start early. Avoid rush driving. It can lead to road accidents.

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The Bottom-Line

Of course, car accidents are unpredictable. They can occur to anyone. However, some of them are preventable. Simple road discipline actions can prevent car accidents. The above are common causes of road accidents and effective preventative measures. Stay away from a car accident. Also, get cheap auto insurance for your vehicle, so you can protect your vehicle if a car accident occurs.