Being wise is not always free-of-charge. At least, this is what the majority of the world’s best colleges think. Charging people for simply sending an application to become a student is nothing else but a rip-off, as the right to apply should not be something you buy. However, you think that this is a fairytale, but colleges with no application fee exist. Here comes a selection of the best American and European colleges that ensure the top-notch quality of education but at the same time charge nothing for applying for their Bachelor’s and Master’s programs. Maybe you will find something that fits your academic needs and expectations.

Carleton College

Free college applications have always been a part of the Carleton college idea that education must be accessible. Nonetheless, while being ranked number 5 in the list of the Best Liberal Arts Colleges of the United States. At Carleton, education is approached with energy, enthusiasm, and a sense of collaboration. This college ensures that students and professors work jointly in order to refine more than thirty majors and improve the overall quality of education in the country.

United States Military Academy at West Point

This is a legendary institution of higher education that is being considered by the majority of the American youths as the place that is extremely hard to enter. Well, it might be but only in terms of trespassing. If you were about to start writing a college term paper on the most glorious college in American history, which page in the history of the academy would you choose to talk about? What is more, it would quite understandable if you opted to get some term paper help from a professional service because term paper writing is not an easy task. Nonetheless, West Point is eager to least have a look at your application, as the college pays special attention to leadership and they believe that the best leaders are not necessarily rich by default.

Trinity University

Texas has been home to generous people, and Trinity University is a proper example of how the Texans can be generous. You can apply to this university absolutely for free, regardless of the fact that this is a private institution of sciences and liberal arts that is located in San Antonio. The university representatives claim that they want to help people whose primary aim is getting decent education. Therefore, the institution takes great pride in calling itself one of the colleges with free application.

Illinois Institute of Technology

Technological majors are becoming more and more popular in the 21st century as the world is gradually becoming enclosed around technologies. Illinois Institute of Technology is among the American colleges that are free to apply to. This is a highly-rated private educational institution that is situated in the city of Chicago that currently holds more than 2,500 undergraduate students. However, this is not the number of students that the institution cares for but the quality of education that they receive. Here you can study a great selection of majors, starting with Electrical Engineering and ending with architecture.

University of Vienna

Speaking of a term paper on the glorious colleges. The European colleges and universities are also not strangers to what it means to be on the list of free application colleges. This is one of the most renowned universities in Europe that offers majors in more than thirty fields of expertise.

University of Oslo

This university that is located in one of the most economically-stable countries in the world also provides the enrollees with a free-of-charge application service. The Scandinavian principle is that you only pay for what you’ve received, so go on and apply but make sure that you get yourself some warm clothes before you go there to actually study.

Wrap Up

Charging money for college applications shall be considered inhumane nowadays. As a matter of fact, colleges and universities should start understanding that the enrollees are the potential customers and rather start offering something for sale instead of requiring additional payments. Asking a person to pay for simply becoming a customer is a gross marketing mistake. All of these establishments have a great reputation, and they don’t want to harm it with application fees.