Attending college and graduating with honors are two different things. When you finish high school, you will apply to a university of your choice. After acceptance, you have to work hard to pass examinations. You will write essays, term papers, research work, book reviews, and sit examinations. The scores you get from each of these assessments will contribute to your final grade.

So, do not ignore any class activity your teacher gives you. However, there are circumstances where marks are attached to class attendance. For instance, to get good grades, you have to attend 90% of the lessons. In such a scenario, your teacher will be strict with class records and demand your presence at all times.

But, some schools do not put focus on class attendance. All that matters to them is to sit your examinations, submit assessments and quizzes. You will then be graded on them. Do not sigh relief on this. You have to attend lessons to be guaranteed to get top grades.

This article examines the notion of class attendance. It explains why you should never miss your lessons. So, read more on the topic:


To pass your examinations

This is an apparent reason. As noted earlier, you need to attend class to pass your quizzes. It is during these lessons that your teacher will explain new concepts and ideas about a topic. You should not miss on these.

Always strive to be present when a new topic or theme is introduced in class. First, get the information from your teacher, and do further research about the issue. Ask questions and seek clarifications on some of the problems. Once this is done, you can read journals, internet sources, and books to get more ideas on what the tutor is talking about.

This is a process that is achievable only when you attend classes. When you miss a lesson, you won’t have an opportunity to ask questions. You may get notes from your peers, but this is not enough. You need the guidance of your teacher to grasp the contents introduced during the lessons thoroughly.

Thus, you may fail an examination that centers on the topic whose lesson you missed. But, an option of passing the exam is if you get help from a professional essay writing service expert. Nonetheless, it is to your benefit to attend all classes. So, even if you are late, attend it. But, give an apology to the teacher, and it should not be a trend.

In case the circumstances are making it difficult to attend the class, send an apology. Immediately the issue is resolved, look for your teacher. Ask him to explain the topic and request notes. After that, you can invite your friends for group discussions. You will learn a lot from these people.

Interaction with your classmates

Learning is not just about attending classes and receiving instructions from your teacher. You also get an opportunity to interact with your friends. When this happens, you get to form some social connections.

Moreover, interacting with your friends will make it easier to form group discussions. Studying with your peers is beneficial because you won’t forget the issues discussed, specifically if you are the one who did the presentation. But, the following are other benefits of engaging in grouped discussions:

  • Improves your communication skills: You will talk to your peers and express your ideas. When you do this, your communication skills will improve.
  • Increases your knowledge level: You get to learn from your fellow students. In addition, they will explain some of the complicated topics to you. As a result, your understanding of class issues expands.
  • You get new ideas: Strive to study in a group that contains students from diverse backgrounds. The diversity may touch on race, religion, social status, and age. Do this, and you will benefit from diverse opinions.
  • Improves your ability to present ideas properly: You will engage in group work. Here, you may learn how to use PowerPoint to design accurate and focused presentations.

You will get to learn about your strengths and weaknesses

You will be under the guidance of your teacher. This is a professional who knows your academic challenges and weaknesses that negatively affect your class performance. Your teacher will help you improve on them.

Final Thoughts

Attending class is beneficial to you. Ensure that you do not miss any lessons. This will help you perform well and improve your grades.